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Have you REALLY tried everything?

Have you REALLY tried everything?

It’s easy to say you’ve tried everything.

Yet it’s another thing to actually persist until…

Persisting towards a goal when it ‘feels as if’ you’ve tried everything but you continue to press forward EVEN THOUGH you’ve experienced setback after set back, time and time again is precisely how you will eventually win.

You may have heard of this guy named Edison that invented the light bulb.

He tested six thousand filaments before finding the right one another way to say this would be:
….He failed 6,000 times but just kept trying.

Edison wasn’t a genius, he was just committed AF.

And I’m pretty certain if he hadn’t discovered it at the six thousandth attempt, he would have tried six thousand more times.

If you truly want to succeed, you just have to keep working at it… and not give up.

Revelation, Discovery, Insights Breakthroughs are all found in the’ Not giving up’ times in your life and business.

Understand this: If you quit, the Breakthrough will not come.

When you want something bad enough, get this into your head: Quitting is not an option.

Crush the idea of quitting.

Some of you need to do this right now, like this very moment.

Some of you, in your mind, have begun to give up on things that YOU KNOW you should not give up on.

You’re starting to give up on your Marriage

You started giving up on your…Kids

You started giving up on your…Body/Health
You started giving up on your…Business / Real Estate Dreams

You started giving up on…God

And possibly, you’ve started giving up on yourself.

Don’t do this.

I understand experiencing discouragement.

But it’s not okay to Quit.

Stay in the fight.

Don’t leave the Ring.

Stop looking for someone or something to come and save you.

Just take a deep breath, and remind yourself, I’m committed to fight this fight as long as it takes.

For how long should you continue to fight? Until when?

Until you win.

You Are Only One Brkthru Away

Stuck, struggling, broke, or just burned out with life?

Time is too short my friend.

Hit me up, let’s get you back on track in life and business.

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