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Want a simple, 1, 2, 3 process to become a bad ass?

Here it is.

1. Set Targets

2. Continue moving towards them

3. Don’t Quit

pretty simple right?

So why is it so difficult?

Lets go no further than numero Uno…

You don’t set targets.

Sure, you may have a couple of general goals, or bucket list things you want to do, but have you really even taken the time to write out SPECIFICALLY what you want and STRATEGICALLY HOW (a map or plan) to get there?

What I see most Men do, especially entrepreneurs, is they’ll set financial or business goals, and maybe an occasional fitness goal and that’s about it.

*btw, ‘don’t drink too much this weekend’ does not count as a Fitness goal.

And usually there are no clear goals or outcomes created for their family or relationships.

And spiritual pursuits are often non-existent, or superficial at best.

The Targets (or lack thereof) is the problem.

So just start there.

Get clear about what you want in the Core Areas of Life.

Set Targets.

IF you get the Targets right, then step #2, taking action, becomes so much easier.

IF you set targets just because they sound cool, but you are not truly committed to them, then don’t even start.

You won’t keep going.

But if you have CLEAR TARGETS you are committed to creating, start moving towards them.

It really is that simple.

Continue taking steps moving and failing forward.

Yes, you’ll hit obstacles, and pitfalls along the way…

But if you keep your eye on your targets and keep moving towards them, and don’t you will eventually hit them.


*I’ve seen and coached a lot of Men that have a hard time answering this question: “What is it that you want?”

It’s such a simple question, but rare is the Man who knows specifically and authentically what he wants in areas of Faith/Family/Fitness/Finances.

Yet, this is a critical question to answer and to build clarity around, as it is the single biggest determining factor of your future.

If you’re stuck and need help, shoot me a message.

I run a weekly small group BRKTHRU training and we tackle this issue head on.

Without targets in life and business, you’ll just keep drifting and feeling the boredom and emptiness of a life that is void of impact or legacy and you’re likely on the path of living a life of quiet desperation.

It’s time to COME ALIVE my friend.

It’s time for Brkthru.

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