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High’s & Low’s…you need both

Highs & Lows

We need both.

Of course we only want the Highs of life,

But whether we realize it or not, we need the Lows just as much.

Without the Low, we can’t fully appreciate the High.

And without the High’s, we don’t have a compelling future to strive for when we are Low.

For some, I know, things are very difficult right now.

Your cup is full.

And it feels overwhelming to the point you can take no more.

That picture of me was taken about a year ago during a very difficult situation that I was going through with one of my children.

I was in a pit of despair with the circumstances and I felt hopeless.


From that pit, I focused on the Peak, and after much time, prayer and taking the right steps, reconciliation was made.

Now looking back, I can say now that I reflect on that time with so much gratitude and appreciation from the Man that it shaped me to be and the depth it created in that relationship that I would not trade that Low time for anything because of the result that came from the suffering.

So for those of you in a Pit of despair, here is what I offer to you:
Stay in the fight.

SEE that these difficulties shall soon pass.

KNOW that these challenges can be overcome.

FEEL that your Wins are soon to come.

BELIEVE that all of these struggles that you are going through now will be looked upon as good in telling your future story to others and used as fuel to inspire yourself and others when facing future obstacles.

I know it isn’t fun, but these challenges are your training ground.

Extract the lessons that need to be learned from this time.

Apply these lessons to avoid the experiences again in the future and use your experiences to help others.

Don’t miss the lessons.

Look for them.

Dig deep.




Continue on my friend, fight the good fight.

You will reap the rewards if you continue to do good and fight the good fight.

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