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[in some things]

Yes, in some things, I’d rather remain small than grow big.

On a call I had this morning with one of my coaches we were weaving in and out of several conversations about life and business like we always do.

There’s been this recurring theme in my life/business when I go through times of expansion and massive growth and times of, well stagnation.

A specific conversation came up about my Flipping business and how it has ‘stagnated’ the last 2 to 3 years.

That means we’re doing roughly 30 to 40 deals per year based on the last two years.

He asked me how I felt about that level of production from that side of my business this year.

My response is that today, I’m very happy with it.

In years past I felt I always wanted to grow in volume solely for the sake of money (or ego).

This financially/theoretically makes sense, because businesses need to grow or they’re dying, but maybe there’s a happy medium in some business models?

Looking back to the earlier version of myself, I know I spent a lot of time chasing things that probably had more to do with my ego than anything else.

So when it comes to flipping houses for example, as a real estate investor, it doesn’t necessarily mean that we have to, for example, flip more houses to grow.

I used to think that.

There are a lot of other areas to experience growth.

For example, even though you may choose to do a smaller volume you may become incredibly efficient at keeping your cost down and streamlining your processes with a small staff.

For example, we spend very little money on advertising to buy houses because we’ve built out an SEO presence for the last 10 years that brings us most of our deals.

I’ve also become incredibly efficient with a virtual staff that’s been working with me for years that knows how to handle most of the ins and outs of the business.

So for me in Business, if I had spent all my time just Flipping wanting to flip more houses that would’ve been unfulfilling for me.

I enjoy chasing some rabbits on occasion and trying new things.

Business-wise, I have a Construction company, mobile home parks, RV parks, and doing some Land development.

But that’s beside the point, the message I want to share with some of you who are in a place where you think you need to grow just for the sake of growing, the truth is you don’t.

It may be a time to Stabilize your business so you can GROW in other areas.

I love my family, I spend a ton of time each week with them, weekly date night, and stuff with my kids in sports and other activities, I exercise every day and devote a lot of time just sitting, thinking, writing, and talking to God about whatever’s on my heart.

Here’s the Truth.

The truth is you need to listen to the calling in your heart and figure out who you need to be in business.

Don’t worry about what other people are doing.
Focus on being the greatest version of yourself and walking down the path that you were called to walk in life and in business.

I remember a lesson that I taught my students over the years and this lesson was about being SMALL BUT MIGHTY.

For example, let’s say you build a house flipping business where you do 10 to 15 flips per year and your average NET profit is, let’s say, $20,000.

And yes I’m talking about after-all operating expenses, so that would mean that you’re probably making $200-$400,000 per year depending on how the deals shake out.

That’s not a bad business for most folks.

What a business of that size allows you to do is not only minimize some of the risk that comes from scaling but also it allows you to build a life that serves you in other areas.

I know now sometimes I’m adverse to risk not only because of financial risks but because I know of the other repercussions that come with new endeavors:

They can take away my time and sometimes even my sanity as they’ve done in the past.

And I’m just not willing to sacrifice other areas of my life today like I’ve done in the past.

So be careful what you commit to.

Don’t think you need to HUGE to be successful.

It’s ok to stay SMALL, but do so in a way that you remain MIGHTY as well.

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