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No, this is not an effective strategy for real estate or life…

Certain markets can ruin folks because they make things too easy for seasons and because of that, they fail to build a sustainable business and they’re just waiting to get caught in the trap.

I’ve learned this lesson numerous times along the way in my real estate journey….

You have to know the market, and know how to add value as needed, where needed and when needed.

Guess where else this lesson applies?

All areas of life.

For example, just because you show up to the Gym, it doesn’t mean the results are going to come….you have to earn those gains.

Another example, just because you put a ring on it, and she said yes, doesn’t mean you’re going to have a great marriage….you have to build it

Just because you put food on the table and provide for your kids will not make you a great father…you have to build those relationships and invest many, many times over for that to happen.

Look at your life, your faith, your family, your fitness, your finances; where are you not putting in the work?

Where are you not truly building?

Where are the RESULTS not coming?

Where are you not building the habits and for some reason, deliriously expecting results to come?

Take an honest assessment.

Don’t beat yourself up, or, maybe you need to.

But either way, you need to begin truly building the Life & Business so that one day, those results will truly come.

Otherwise, it won’t be a field of dreams, because those results will not be showing up.

*btw, if you’re stuck in a pit and not building the life/business results you’re after, and not sure how to get out, hit me up. It’s time to get you back on track

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