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Instant Family led to Instant Revelation

Last night we watched a movie, ‘Instant Family’ about a couple that fostered children.

It. hit. my. heart. deeply.

I was in tears towards the end and it opened something I’ve thought about many times: fostering kids

We have a ‘casita’ home behind our main home, it’s 3 bedrooms/3 baths, close to 1,800 sf.

My in-laws live there, downstairs, but there are 2 bedrooms/2 baths upstairs that could be used for foster kids or battered women/mothers.

I’ve had this thought many times: Our home would be used as a ministry at some point in time in the future.

But I was thinking in the very ‘distant’ future, like when Tara and I were done raising the 5 kids we have now….and like 10, 20 years down the road from now.

And, our house is for sale.

We only moved here a couple of years ago, but we decided to put it on the market just in the last couple of weeks.

It’s a massive home and requires a ton of upkeep and I put a lot of cash into this home that quite frankly, I’d rather use for other things.

And I don’t like the costs/time of the upkeep, so recently we decided to sell our home and downsize a bit.

The other issue is: The experience I had last night after the movie.

Last night after the movie, those thoughts/visions I had about this home being a place for Foster children or battered women all flooded into my mind at once.

I felt that perhaps we were not supposed to sell our home (and we just received an offer yesterday)

I had a DEEP HEAVINESS in my heart last night that was hard to explain.

But I began this year with a commitment to ‘be led by God’

And as I laid in bed with these thoughts running through my mind and a very heavy heart last night…i realized that if you are audacious enough to tell God that you want to be ‘led’ by him, you need to be prepared to go places and do things you would not expect.

Most likely living a ‘led by God’ life will not lead you to live an ‘average’ or mundane life.

To be led by God is not a comfort zone thing.

It will mean stepping out in faith…listening…obeying….trusting….and likely, going into places and doing things that require a massive amount of conviction and discernment to the Calling.

Another story I’m telling myself is this:
I want to take the easy path.

I want to sell the house, get the money, work less, have less responsibility and ‘enjoy’ life more.

But the other side to that story is that I know if i ‘settle’ it will eat at my heart and I will never be truly happy.

To create a life that leads to a Legacy and to be ‘God Led’ is not an easy path.

It’s a path that will require going to Battle…..physically, spiritually & mentally.

It will require putting up a fight.

And many times, I don’t want to fight the battles I face.

Why am I sharing this?

Because I’m fearful of sharing this.

Vulnerability is a strength I’m looking to grow.

So here is Vulnerability in the raw.

Coincidentally, maybe this is why I saw this quote last week on Facebook by Jesse Elder and I’ve been reading it every day this week:
…Fear really IS the Mind Killer.
…The more you move towards fear, the smaller it gets.
…The more you run from it, the bigger it becomes.
…Choose wisely, and remember that fear is almost always a “Green Light” and a signal to move forward, not a sign to run away.

I did not expect these thoughts to appear last night.

I’m working through this as I type…..and it’s very heavy

And honestly, I’m not sure what we will do.

I’m still processing everything.

But I do believe this, when you open your heart to God, expect the unexpected. Ask me how I know….

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