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Investment Property Buying And Selling Process for Real Estate Investors

Confused about all of the moving parts of buying and selling investment properties?

Brant breaks down a lot of the intricacies of an investment deal starting from when you get the initial lead and takes you all the way through getting PAID at the closing table.

Whether you are flipping houses or buying rentals, this is a great, in-depth video to grow your investment knowledge.

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***What is Real Estate Fundamentals with Brant Phillips?

Brant started in real estate with no money and no experience and has gone on to do hundreds of deals by creating an investing model that is sustainable in every market.

Brant is the real deal and no BS and no fluff.

100% Honest, Real, Relevant and will show exactly how he runs and operates his business.

Real Estate Fundamentals is about helping you to go out and create REAL RESULTS in your investing business. Brant Phillips shares information that is working in today’s market and works to help real estate entrepreneurs avoid the pitfalls of the industry while at the same time, speeding up their results.

The Formula For Real Estate Success Is Built On Fundamentals

7 Fundamentals to be exact….Mindset – Deal Flow – Estimating Repairs – Evaluating Deals – Financing – Rehabbing and of course, Income Generation

The bottomline is that Brant will show you how to create a sustainable business, built on proven systems and fundamentals that he has used over the years.

About Brant:

Brant Phillips is a full-time investor, business owner, coach, speaker, realtor & bestselling author. He has been featured on Fox News and hosts local seminars & training events.

One of his companies, Invest Home Pro was recognized as one of Inc 5000’s fastest growing companies.

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