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Is your life working? Check yes or No

If the goal of life is to continually expand and grow, then no matter where we are in life, there is room to grow.

Some of you reading this are struggling massively in one or more areas of life, so the question is HOW do you begin to fix your life when it’s broken?

Start with how you view yourself, your problems and your world.  Essentially, what is YOUR Worldview?

Your worldview is yours. It is the honest view of the world from a place that you believe to be true.

This world view that you hold has also helped shape your current results and how you got ‘here’

Views about your Faith, your Marriage, relationships with your Kids/others, your Fitness and your Finances, these are the worldviews you chose to adopt and live by (how do we know this? By your past actions that have led to your current results).

When most Men take that hard look in the mirror, they don’t like who they see in their health, reputation, relationships, bank accounts, etc. but rather than starting to dig deeper and begin to change things, they take the path most traveled and say ‘screw it, this is just the way it is. This isn’t my fault, it’s that way of the world’ or some other response that doesn’t require any accountability or effort to effect change. [basically, Victimhood, or learned helplessness)

But for a select few, they decide to create a change.

They begin by destroying their current worldview that thankfully, led them to the place of a miserable reality (pain) that has caused them to consider a different path (a new Worldview) and offers a new Possibility (Better Results)

And they Make a Stand. (Declaration)

This is when change begins to occur, by taking a stand and making a declaration.

The new worldview will create New Actions that will help to begin to create the New Story and new Habits to then reinforce the new Worldview that leads them to an elevated state in the areas of life they’re struggling in.

Many years ago, this is where I was.

Doing great in a couple areas of life, but utterly struggling in other areas.

To change, required paying a price. And guess what, the bigger results you want, the higher the price you have to pay.

Paying the price can be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial and probably some other words that end in ‘al, that I’m missing, but the point is you must be willing to pay the price.

You must die to the old, in order to create the new.

Be willing to step into Pain and be willing to step into your Fatih.

This means having the courage and vulnerability to make decisions ‘in Faith’ that you can’t see the end result of but you’re willing to take that step because you know that change must happen and you’re simply listening and obeying that voice inside that is telling you: GO.

The price you have to pay is worth it and it’s a never-ending journey.

So I ask you once again, is your life working?

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