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If life is a Canvas, what is the picture you are painting?
*we will return to this in a moment.

But first, a very simple question: Do you know what you want?

One of the things I’ve discovered along my journeys in life, is that a vast majority of Men in society, don’t truly know what they want from life.

Sure, they have the basic necessities/desires covered: Food, Shelter, Sex, Recreation, but things don’t often go much lower than surface level needs/desires/wants.

And, therefore, there is little ACTION to create more than just a mundane, status quo life.

Consider that simply possessing a somewhat clear Idea about what you want in life, backed by even a few intentional actions will put you ahead of 80% of the worlds population.

But so many Men fail to even take time to think and plan about what they want to create with their lives.

You see, our lives are a Canvas.

And each day that we awake and rise, it is our opportunity to make a couple of more brushstrokes on what is the canvas of our lives.

What picture are you painting?

What life & business are you creating?

For many, the thought of ‘what could be’ can be scary and overwhelming because of the bridge you will have to cross to become the Man you need to become in order to create what it is you want to create.

Trust me, I get it.

The other occurrence I see is Men are ‘somewhat’ Clear about what they want, but finding and knowing the action steps to take is the great unknown. And sadly, they remain stuck.

This too, I get.

But in every problem, challenge and dilemma, is an opportunity.

RESULTS are possible in every situation.

This rule, applies to you.

But it comes with a condition.


Are you willing to DO THE WORK?

Not just the physical, but also the Mental.

Are you willing to WAGE WAR with the Man you see in the mirror?

Are you willing to create the space required to do the SILENT WORK that is required to gain the Clarity you need to discover about what it is you want?

And to also commit to have the determination and drive to build the commitment necessary to create those results?

  • You need CLARITY
  • You need CERTAINTY
  • You need REVELATION

But not only do you need a BREAKTHROUGH, you need a BREAKTHROUGH combined with being equipped with the latest science on what produces RESULTS and POWER in all areas of your life.

Yes, the Mind, Body & Spirit are directly connected to your Bank Accounts.

I will say it again: Your Mind, Body & Spirit are directly connected to your Bank Accounts.

When you are able to take your CERTAINTY about what it is you want in life & business, and combine that with Customized Information & action plans: THE GAME CHANGES.

When you suddenly have CERTAINTY that now has access to a results based execution plan, this my friend is the path that leads you to Results.

The Results you’ve always wanted, but never quite knew how to obtain.

This my friend is why BREAKTHROUGH AT THE BEACH was founded.

This experience is constructed to help you gain the clarity and vision you desire, but just as important, to help you construct your plan to finally build the life and business you truly desire.

The Men that attend Breakthrough typically come to the Beach with a very small glimpse of what they want.

…Quite frankly, many of these Men are admittedly playing small in the game of life and business…

But my brother, realize that these same Men leave Breakthrough only a few short days later with an empowerment and certainty that instantly produces results.

You see when CLARITY is backed by the empowering Mindsets, Skillsets & Action Plans, the results come like clockwork.

This is a universal law that cannot be broken.

Once agin, when CLARITY is backed by an empowered Mindset, the right Skillsets & efficient Action Plans: RESULTS OCCUR.

======= BREAKTHROUGH = RESULTS =======

If you are considering our next Breakthrough event, please realize that this is not your typical Mastermind event.

You see, besides the business training we provide to help Men massively level up their bank accounts, we are going to hit you from some other angles, that you may not be prepared for.


  • A Bootcamp for the Heart.
  • A Bootcamp for the Mind.
  • A Bootcamp for the Soul.
  • A Bootcamp for the Spirit.
  • And a Bootcamp for your Business.

I won’t lie, the Men that come to Breakthrough are pushed hard.

And from this push, comes the transformation.

They are transformed by the renewing of their minds and the transformation is instantly noticeable.


Because of the Results.

So my question to you once again is do you even know what you want?

And what the hell are you going to do about it?

Do you have Results?

Or do you have a Story?

It’s your canvas after all.

Only you provide the brushstrokes that go upon it.

Love & Honor,

Brant Phillips – Creator, Breakthrough At The Beach

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