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Jamie Foxx, Annie & Buying my 1st House on a Credit Card

What does Jamie Foxx, Annie and me buying my first house on a credit card have to do with anything?
Well, just me getting a little teary eyed, that’s all…..
Big Lesson inside this video…

Brant: Okay. My daughter and I just finished, we just finished watching a movie. Press, say hi to everybody.

Presley: Hi.

Brant: Come here real quick. What did we just watch? What movie?

Presley: Annie.

Brant: Annie? What did you think about that movie?

Presley: It was good.

Brant: I saw you crying a couple of times. Why were you crying?

Presley: I don’t know.

Brant: Why were you crying?

Presley: I don’t know.

Brant: Did you see daddy crying?

Presley: No.

Brant: No. Thank goodness, she didn’t see me crying because I got teary-eyed a little bit in this movie.

Presley: I wasn’t paying attention to you.

Brant: You were paying attention to the movie?

Presley: Uh-huh (affirmative).

Brant: Oh okay. The funny thing with this movie is, I did get teary-eyed a couple of times but there was one particular scene that got to me a little bit. Not in a teary-eyed way, it just started me thinking about my life. They’re on this helicopter and Mr. Stacks was his name? He’s the rich dude I forget, Jamie Foxx.

Presley: No, his name’s Will.

Brant: His real name is Jamie Foxx but in the movie his name is Will Stacks. They’re on this helicopter and he’s telling Annie, “In life, you have to play the cards that you are dealt. Play the hand that you’re dealt.” Annie says, “What if I don’t have any cards?” Mr. Stacks said to Annie, he said, “If you don’t have any cards then you got to bluff. Then you just got to bluff.”

Presley: Can we close the door?

Brant: Yup, close the door, buckle up. He said, “If you don’t have any cards, you got to bluff.” I started thinking about when I got in real estate, I bought my first house on a credit card. I didn’t have any cards but I just bluffed. I just bluffed. I bet on myself. I believed in the dream that I had and I bluffed. That was a pretty impactful lesson I learned from the movie Annie. If we don’t have any cards, just bluff man. Believe in the dream. Just keep on dreaming like that little girl dreamed. That’s the lesson from Annie that I learned. I just dropped my phone. Do you have anything you want to share Press?

Presley: No.

Brant: I think I’m holding it upside down.

Presley: No.

Brant: Say …

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