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Kokoro 45 and Why



Not sure how many times I’ve heard that question since I signed up for Kokoro (#45), but it has been frequent to say the least.

The answer is simple: TO BE MORE

In order to Have More/Do More/Be More, and to truly improve in all al areas of my life, sometimes we need to endure pain, humility and sacrifice in order to grow. I want to grow. I want to learn and I want to do more with what I’ve been given.

Consider that many of the things that we want out of life often exist on the other side of Pain.

And sometimes, our only path to expansion is getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

This video is from the most recent Kokoro (#44) event that shows a little insight of what goes on during the 50+ hour crucible event that is non-stop, no sleep grinding, but I think you will see some of the results from the Men who were able to make it all the way through.
*No, most of those who attend Kokoro, don’t make it, but those who do attest to the transformation effects this experience has on their lives. And the word ‘transformational’ is used more often than not.

Below is the story of Kokoro 44…

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