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Everyone wants to be trusted, but so few tell the truth.

Stop playing the cover up game.

Your truth is on full-display with the fruit of your life.

It’s much easier to live Free by living and speaking truth than it is to cover the baggage of lies and cover-ups.

When you tell and live truth, you have nothing to hide.

There’s nothing to cover up.

Your load becomes lighter…

So just be Real.

Truth sets you free.

And when you’re free, you tell the truth.

Nothing good will come from a web of lies and cover-ups.

You’re not perfect.

Everyone knows.

So stop trying to put on the show that you are.

The sooner you can drop the charades, you can start walking in power again.

And when you walk in power, this will lead to Production.

And Production leads to what?



That’s what it’s all about.

Producing fruit in all areas of life.

Faith ~ Family ~ Fitness ~ Finances

How we get ahead in Life and Business is using the Power of Leverage.

We leverage past results, teams, knowledge, money and on and on.

Leverage leads to Power.

Lying leaks your leverage because you lose your Power when you lie.

So start telling the truth.

You’re already telling the world your truth with the life you live.

Do you want to see someone’s truth?

Look at their fruit, or lack thereof.

We all tell our truth by the:
~ Actions we take
~ Where we spend our Money
~ How we use our Time

And these all lead to the Results.

You’re already showing your truth with your body of works and your life.

So why not consider speaking truth at all times, in all areas of life and see the magic that will begin to happen.

Yes, it will set you free…

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