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Lindyann : $100k Closing (Net)

Brant: Hey guys, I am here at First American Title with Letty, the Marketing Director and master of all things title policy. We’re at the home of just not cookies but popcorns and chips and goldfish and all that kind of good stuff. My kids would love it here by the way.

Letty: Thank you for your kids.

Brant: We’re here celebrating our first official 100k flip. We were a little bit nervous. Chris and I were crossing our fingers. We thought we were going to come slightly under the 100k mark but definitely cleared 100,000 net profit. Not like the TV shows like with these gross false margins. It’s a legit 100,000. We’re just here to celebrate. I’ve got Letty to verify the HUD. If you can just tell our viewing audience what our proceeds are on this deal.

Letty: The final number?

Brant: The final number.

Letty: Drum roll please. $113,881.11.

Brant: Yes. Now, we have about 10,000 out-of-pocket expenses so we’re going to net about 103,000 on this. You guys, you know me you guys, the students who work with me and other people who’ve worked with me, we don’t say any of this to brag. I was a corporate America guy, working a job and dead broke for many, many years. We’re just doing this to show you what is possible. When you take action, you put the right skillset, mindset, accountability and program together for your investing business, these are the results that can happen. You got to get out there, take action, go do it, share your stories. Send me your videos of your flips whether it’s 100k or 1k. Send us your story so I can see what you guys are doing in your business and your life. Take action. Thanks for watching us. Letty, thanks for your help.

Letty: Thank you.

Those of you that know me, or that I’ve worked with or coached in the past, you know that I’m not a big bragger.

BUT, I do love to Motivate & Inspire others to go out and take action.

That is the sole purpose of THIS video.

I’m NOT sharing this to impress you, but to IMPRESS upon you the importance of pursuing your passions and not giving up.

When you stay committed, great things can surely happen.

All the best,


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