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Love God, but can’t stand church?

If you’re having God problems, I feel bad for you son, cause I got 99 problems but my Faith ain’t one….But the Church is.

Love God?

But can’t stand church?

This is gonna push some buttons, so that tells me this is exactly what needs to be discussed.

I’ll start with me.

Yes, I love God, but I don’t care too much for the Church overall.

And I think this is a silent majority thing here.

And it’s a problem.

The sentiment I see and hear, is a lot of people either want to have a deeper relationship with God, but are turned off from either the church or, quite frankly, from the ‘churchy’ super Christians.

So they don’t continue to seek God much further because of this.

This was me for many years…

And there’s another group of folks, which are people that deeply love and are connected to God, but they just don’t find much usefulness for the modern day church as it exists.

This is also me now.

Before I go much further, let me say that this is not a blanket indictment against all Churches and all Christians.

As a matter of fact, Tara and I have found a great church in the last year and think highly of our Pastor who is a real and authentic man that speaks truth.

I go a couple times a month usually, but truthfully, I still have a disconnect and my guard is up with a lot of modern day ‘church Men’.



People want real talk.

Jesus spoke truth.

He kept it real.

Churches (overall) don’t do that.

They care about image.

They care about posturing.

Jesus rode in on a Donkey.

So that will tell you what he thinks about your image and posturing.

Look, I love God.

But I don’t love church.

I love God.

But yes I also cuss, drink and smoke (occasionally).
*Btw, so do alot of the christians that I know, but only in private.

And I don’t think God gives a rat’s ass about those things.

I could be wrong, but I think he cares more about my Heart.

I know what’s right and I know what’s wrong.

I know what’s Real & I know what’s Fake.

I know what Results (aka Fruit) looks like.

And I know when someone has fruit in their life and when someone doesn’t.

I can tell when a couple has a great marriage and when a couple is miserable and likely cheating or on the verge of cheating.

I know when someone is healthy and in shape and when someone is obese and out of shape.

I know when children love their parents and I know when the kids despise their parents and want nothing to do with them.

I know when someone is financially abundant and when someone is living in scarcity.

Ye shall know them by their fruit.

Fruit = Facts, not fiction.

God said it, not me.

The church has a problem because it’s not keeping it real.

It’s keeping it Real Fake and lacks fruit.

I want Truth and Realness, as do most others.

Yes, I understand that many people prefer the ‘appearances’ of truth and realness, so they can live in a fake little bubble with sunshine and rainbows.

I get it.

I’ve lived in that world for periods of time.

It’s easier in the sense that you don’t have to actually produce real results.

But the consequence to this is your words won’t carry real weight because you haven’t really done the work that you need to do to actually gain the respect and attention you want.

If you don’t walk in truth (realness) and power (production), you will not bring to the world any substantial results and fruit of any kind living this way.

I’m casting a stone at myself here, because I used to live this way in certain areas of my life.

I was guarded and covered so people didn’t see the real me.

So don’t be offended, but if you spot it you got it.

And it’s a weakness and huge issue when you are attempting to portray the nature of deity but you can’t be real and you have no fruit in your life.

And this is what the churches produce much of the time:
Guys that look squeeky clean and can rapid fire scriptures but behind the scenes’, their life is a shit show.

Financially, Relationtionally, Physically, which also means…yes, wait for it….Spiritually.

These Men are broken too, just like the Men they are attempting to ‘save’ but haven’t even figured things out for themselves.

That’s why they don’t trust you.

The church wants nice guys that look the part, but what they need is real Men that walk in real Faith and real Power THEN the ‘lost’ will listen to them.

From my understanding of the scriptures, the church is supposed to represent the ‘body’ of Christ, which are the believers.

And the believers are supposed to be and do as we’ve been taught to do.

To love others and do unto them as you would have done unto you.

Also, just as important: Be real & produce fruit.

Look, we as people overall, and yes, including most Christians, are pretty fucked up.

We’re broken.

And that’s ok, because it’s been this way since the dawn of time.

And God loves us anyway.

So keep seeking him, not the church.

Church can be great and you should find a good one, but only if it speaks and exhibits truth.

But no matter what you decide about Church, Love and do to others like you want done to you.

Seek + speak + live truth.

Look, I know I probably upset some people here, that’s not my intention.

I’m simply doing what I made a commitment to myself and God to do was to seek him daily and walk and speak the truth as I see it.

And my perspective is, while the Church does a lot of amazing things, it is also creating a substantial amount of damage by not practicing what it literally teaches.

So if I offended you, think about why you’re offended rather than focusing on the intent of the message.

God didn’t call us Men to be nice polished nice boys.

Jesus hung out with the scoundrels, not the saints.

He despised the institutions, yet that’s what the Church overall is today.

And I get it, the Churches are too big today to go down.

There’s too much money, ego and politics to stop the train.

So that’s fine, that’s on them.

But something has awakened in my heart and I’m going to continue to uncover and discover what it is and speak my truth.

For those of you that love God but don’t care for modern day church, I get you.

But don’t let that be an excuse for you to not pursue God or do good unto others.

I did this for a long time and even allowed some of the things I saw to severely question my faith.

Don’t do that.

God loves us all.

He wants a relationship with you.

Set your feelings about Church to the side (including past hurts or misgivings) and just seek him.

That’s what matters most.

In love and truth, that is all my friends.

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