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The Glory of God is Man fully alive.

– Saint Irenaeus

Hey Man, I have a question for you.

When you read that statement what comes to your mind?

No, better yet, what comes to your heart?

Let’s start here.

Do you even believe this statement?


That’s a bold statement.

And a dream too distant for most.

But why?

I’m not proclaiming to have all the answers, but I’ll try my best.

For you to come fully Alive, first off, you must get clear about what the calling in

life is and what you want to create SPECIFICALLY in your life.

Most of you have allowed societal rules and norms to dictate:

• WHO you should be

• WHAT you should do

• HOW you should act

In other words: Castration

A castration of the Heart.

Next, when you do have those moments of clarity and inspiration, guess what is guaranteed to knock on your door, almost immediately after: RESISTANCE.

Let’s face Reality: Life is War

To become a man fully Alive will require you to be willing to WAGE WAR.

Most men tap out.

And I get it.

The Yoke of the Battles and wars you have to fight are insanely difficult.

Physically and mentally.

To COME FULLY ALIVE spiritually relationally, physically and financially, is almost unheard of.

It doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

It does mean it’s going to feel impossible, most often.

And it 100% means that:

1• You have to GET CLEAR

2• You have to GO TO WAR

Jesus said it himself, he did not come to bring Peace, but a sword.

Some of you are simply too nice for your own good.

And your family and your very own soul are the victims.

Until you come to grips with the fact that you are going to have to step up each and

every day and fight for what you want, my friend, you will unfortunately never come fully alive.

**If something resonates with you in this post and you feel stuck in getting the clarity you need, or the spark to begin doing battle, send me a message.

That’s what I’m here for. It’s my calling, if you will.

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