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Mobile Home Park Investing 101 with Brant Phillips



In the jungle that is the real estate market, we investors must stay perpetually vigilant to stay alive. We search and search, combing the country looking for hidden gems, but they are not easy to come by – especially in the current market. These gems are called hidden for a reason! Even for the most skilled investors, a little bit of luck is needed to strike gold. Thankfully, the eagle-eyed investor and best-selling author Brant Phillips is a generous man, and is willing to share his spoils. Join us on July 23 at 12 PM CT so Brant can help you discover the gold mine that is mobile home parks and how to invest in them intelligently. With his guidance, you too can make steady streams of passive and active income investing in mobile home parks.

What You will Learn In The Class:

How to use a self-directed IRA to invest in mobile home parks
The benefits of mobile home investing
How to locate a good deal in a challenging market
And much more!

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