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Most ​Men ​are living like ​Lions

Most Men are living like Lions.

No, not the ferocious, dominating beasts of the jungle.

Instead they’re living like a lion, trapped in a cage at the zoo.

Totally trapped and confined.

Their days are spent in desperation and sadness.

Wondering what has happened to my life?

No longer able to roar, only moan, drift, daydream and sleep away it’s life day by day. Wondering what could have been…

Men are dying all around us.

Just like Lions trapped behind bars.

Men are trapped behind a cubicle, or some mundane job or career.

Being choked daily by a necktie, or simply by corporate or modern-day politics and just the pressures of life in general.


Desiring much. Doing Little.

All Men were designed for specific reasons:
-To fight battles
-Live Adventures
-Romance and care for their woman
-And do what it takes to step up and be the fucking man!

But like Thoreau said, most Men lead lives of quiet desperation…

Day by day…week by week…year by year….

And at some point, just like that Lion in the cage, their heart dies.

Their Roar becomes a moan.

And they check out.

The drift officially begins, and sedation ensues.

Men are dying all around us.

It saddens my heart, because it doesn’t have to be this way.

It’s not completely their fault, but it is their responsibility to fix, or suffer the consequences.

I understand, most will choose suffering. Few will respond to the call in their heart and stand up and fight for the life they once dreamed of.

But as for me, I am recommitting to help rescue the Men trapped behind Cages that are willing to fight so they escape and begin again to rise up and become the Man they were called by God to be.

I was trapped too.

I know the pain.

I know the suffering.

And now it’s time to begin the liberation of these Men to breakthrough and break free from their cages and restore what has been broken and truly live again.

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