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Mullins – Punch Stage for 1st Time Flippers (about to close)

Brant: Hey, I’m here with Robert. Him and his father Buster just finished up, is this your first flip?

Robert: This is the first flip.

Brant: The first flip. I’ll let him disclose the details but a very successful flip. I’ll add some pictures to this thing at the end. He’s just going tell briefly about his experience of working with InvestHomePro and just whatever thoughts come to mind.

Robert: Yeah. It’s been really good. Obviously there’s always challenges involved in a project of this scale. Brant and Chris have done a good job working with us and with our clients to get us the finished product that we’re looking for. As you can see, it’s beautiful. Really, I had to talk to Chris and Brant for a job well-done. We’re really excited to have our new homeowners, first time home buyers move in here and have a great place to live. It just proves that all of these deals can be win-win. Everybody in this can win. Brant and Chris won, we won and our clients won. Thanks a lot Brant and Chris for everything that you have done and all your hard work.

Brant: Appreciate it man. End with a fist bump, boom. All right. I’m going to take you all on a quick tour actually. Then I’ll put a link for before and after pictures for you guys. Yeah, here’s the kitchen area. We opened all this up and did the pendant lights and the little bar top here with the breakfast sitting bench area. I believe this is Alaska White Granite countertops, subway backsplash, stainless steel appliances, custom-built cabinets, drop down hood vent, pantry. Just all the fixings and the nice tile, hardwood floors, nice light fixtures. Actually, the buyer who is buying this home picked out a lot of the finishes. We’ve got slate tile. If you can see that here, the front of the home. I’ll show you guys the bathrooms if I can squeeze by.

Robert: You can put it up there.

Brant: I’ll throw it up real quick. It can be up there for a minute?

Robert: Yeah sure.

Brant: Okay cool. I’ll be quick.

Robert: All right.

Brant: I hit stop.

Robert: Yeah, yeah.

Brant: I am an idiot. I hit the stop button. Here’s the bathroom. Once again, these are all custom-built cabinets countertops, square rectangle sink, light fixtures. In the bathroom, we’ve got a lot here. The light is not on right now. We’ve got a deep tub, subway style backsplash. Of course, toilet, little built-in cabinets right there. Tile floors.

Here’s the bedrooms. I’ll show you, I’ll come back to that in just a second. In the master bedroom, over here, you had two separate closets, fairly small on each. We combined this to make one big walk-in closet, added some custom cabinets as you can see there. Brand new windows. Then the master bathroom was a total gut job, we redid it. Looked nothing like this, the layout and configuration. Put a big mirror, custom cabinets, countertops, squared sinks. We put the soaking tub, garden tub with the subway backsplash all around, created a pony wall, frameless shower glass and showers are on there and a little privacy with the pony wall.

For the toilet area, two panel doors, brand new of course, all the light fixtures, a lot of recessed can lights throughout the home. We also in the garage, they did not have a utility room in this house. We’ve created a quasi-type of a utility room where we’ve got a little landing bench seat area for shoes and what not. They can hang coats and things up here. I have to put the racks on, the pegs. Storage, washtub sinks, washer and dryer goes in this area. Then we’ve put some nice tile down here to make it a utility room. Hope you guys got something out of that. (Music).

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