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[Go pick a fight. But know how to win]

When the attacks and tests of life and business come at you, play cards that win.

~~ Truth prevails over Lies.

~~ Work will prevail over Idleness

~~ Love prevails over Hate.

~~ Wisdom prevails over Foolishness.

~~ Good over Evil.

~~ Proven Strategies (w/ verifiable results) over the Guessing game (No Strategy)

So when these attacks/challenges/setbacks hit you, AND THEY WILL, hit back with what you already know is PROVEN to work and to provide the RESULTS you want.

And yes, the harder you push and grow, the more frequent and bigger the attacks and challenges will be.

Just about every week, sometimes every day, I’m getting with problems and shit I would rather not deal with.

But this is life my friends.

When you make a choice to grow in business, relationships, health, spiritually or any area of your life, growth requires learning and most times, going to Battle.

So when you’re going to battle, don’t overthink it, just do what you know works.

How do I flip a house?

By using the fundamentals that have worked for me to flip 500 houses before.

If you don’t know what works… and find guidance that comes backed with verifiable proven results. 

And if you’re one of those people that are not getting hit with challenges or difficult situations and you’re not battling limiting thoughts or ideas, then I can almost guarantee, you’re just not pushing hard in life or business.

Remember: Truth prevails over Lies.

If you’re stagnant in your life / business / relationships / health  but telling yourself that you’re ‘happy’, well, you’re lying to yourself.

I call Bullshit.

You weren’t designed to Stagnate and plateau just because you reached a certain level.

My belief is that we were made in God’s image and that image is one of Creation.

Therefore we are all Creators at heart.

So consider that you were put here on this earth to continually grow and expand.

Figure out what the hell it is you WANT out of life and WHO you were called to be and get out there and push.

Hustle, Grind, Battle, Stretch yourself and most importantly GROW.

Just know that a part of growth is going lead you to NEW HEIGHTS and new heights, require NEW FIGHTS you’ve never fought, so when those punches come, BREATHE, take a look at the cards that you know will win and play winning cards, nothing else.

Know what you want, make moves that have been proven to win and stay in the fight my friend.

I love in Braveheart where that dude asks William Wallace where he’s going and he says, “I’m going to pick a Fight”

The best experiences of your life will happen when you choose to ‘pick a fight’ and go after some big shit and step inside of that arena.

Go fight the good fight my friend, and fight wisely with the stuff you know works already. 

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