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New Students Taking Action & $1.5 million in a couple of days

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of working with some of my coaching students, all of whom just so happened to have locked up their very first flip deals last week…

I will tell you one thing, working in real estate can be a lot of fun and making money flipping houses is fun, but when my students go out and apply what we teach them to get their first deals under contract, well, that is some of the most exciting and enjoyable times for me.

Like I said, in this past week five of students all in the same week got their very first deals under contract and not to mention that we locked up some deals of our own at Invest Home Pro and a couple of my other students locked up deals as well.

So in the beginning of my coaching/working with my students I help them to raise private money for them using our private lender relationships, so I was tasked with the goal of raising a little over $1.5 million dollars in in private money in a matter of a couple of days, which I’m glad to say that we did and that is just really a testament to our great private lenders that we have who work with us and trust what we are doing. But I just wanted to share some of our exciting times with what we are doing with real estate and give a shout out to all our coaching students who’ve been taking action and creating results in their lives and their businesses.

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