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Nobody is coming to Save You [Live]

Nobody is coming to save you…

The mess(es) you’ve created, are yours.

You messed it up.

You need to fix it.

Own it.

You may be deep into it.

It may seem overwhelming.

But it’s your mess, so it’s your greatest opportunity to grow.

Stop looking for others to do your work. Including God.

God isn’t “Fixit Felix”

Nor are your friends, family and even coaches.

This doesn’t mean you don’t seek counsel or guidance from God, Coaches, or others.

Yes, seek Guidance.

But let guidance be guidance.

You ultimately get to decide the path and plan to take.

And once you decide, you need to start steppin’

You need to do the work.

“It” may not be fixed overnight.

Some of you have some big shit you need to fix.

That’s ok.

But just start.

If you put together a solid plan, take daily action, before you know it, you’ll be back on track.

Right now, in this moment, you have a choice.

You have Agency over your life, which means you have the means and ability to take action.

So do it.

Be the Savior of the shit you created.

You will thank you for it later.

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