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Only One Breakthrough Away

What if you were only one Breakthrough away?

Would you continue to push through the adversity and challenges you’re going through?

You bet you would.

Perhaps you are just that close.

You’ve probably heard the story of the man who was ‘3 feet from gold’ and gave up before he struck it rich.

I’ll summarize real quick.

During the California gold rush in the 1800’s a man traveled out west like so many to ‘strike it rich’ by going to find some gold.

He ponied up his life savings to pay for the travel and buy the equipment needed.

For weeks and months, he worked to plot, plan and dig to find his treasure.

After some time, he found his first gold nugget.

This inspired his confidence, so he informed his family and they came out to help.

They soon found a small ‘vein’ of gold, and felt they would soon hit pay dirt.

They bought more equipment and continued to plow ahead.

But after several weeks of digging and working, the vein vanished.

So they gave up.

They sold their equipment for pennies on the dollar to a junk trader, packed up their things, and moved back home.

The junk trader was intrigued about the work they had done after talking to them, so he hired an engineer to survey the area they were mining at.

And they felt there was a likely possibility of there being gold in that area.

So they dug.

And just three feet below where the original owners had given up, they struck gold.

The original owner spent his life repaying his family for his debts.

The junk trader made millions.

Maybe you’re just ‘3 feet from gold’, or only one Breakthrough away from experiencing what it is you’ve been chasing down.

But what if you are not?

What if what you are pursuing would require 100 or even 1,000 more Breakthroughs?

Would you continue to push on?

We all get to make this choice over and over again.

Every day.

To Breakthrough or Breakdown.

To Breakdown on occasion is understandable, but only if for a moment.

The stress pressure / weight can be heavy.

I understand.

But no matter what you’re chasing down, when you realize all great accomplishments are simply a series of small, consistent actions stacked upon one another is what helps you to mentally stay in the game and keep progressing forward.

This perception of chunking consistent ‘little wins’ over and over again is what helps you to stay in the fight and ultimately win.

Stop looking at the finish line when you’re just halfway through the race.

Focus on the next step.

The next mile.

Focus on the next Breakthrough.

Then, when you bust through that challenge, move to the next.

And on and on and on.

If you continue down this path with this mindset, you will always be only one Breakthrough away from taking another step up to the Next Level and that much closer to hitting that big Goal you’ve been chasing down.

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