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How often do you find yourself not wanting to do something that you need to do?

Perhaps you’re feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or just general negativity about something that you need to do.

First I will say that one of the things that has always stuck in my mind that I learned from Tony Robbins is that we can accomplish just about anything when we are in a PEAK State.

But when you are in a negative state it’s hard to get out of bed and even brush your teeth.

This morning when I was looking at my calendar and all I’ve got to get done this week I felt a sense of being overwhelmed.

It wasn’t a sense of being overwhelmed because of the work that I have to do, it was just the sheer volume of all that is taking place this week.

Thankfully, I enjoy most of the work that I do, but when I glanced at this week for me as a husband, father and Business owner, it was very overwhelming.

I’ve got a conference this week so that means I’ve got a shortened schedule along with getting in extensive workouts every day, team meetings, multiple kids in sports, multiple projects are starting this week and I’m pushing out tons of content in general while at the same time creating and launching a new real estate fund very soon.

So feeling Overwhelmed is a part of the game of life and business that I play.

But acknowledging that we get to choose our emotions is what I reminded myself of this morning.

I took a step back and recalled that I know that I am not very productive or effective at all when I feel overwhelmed.

So I did a quick shift move, aligned my thoughts, and got back to a Peak state.

May seem simple, but acknowledging your negative / non-productive states more quickly and then quickly shifting back to a more powerful state can have massive impacts on your results and just how you experience life.

Remember, you get to choose your state.

And when you’re in a PEAK STATE, you can accomplish just about anything.

And when you’re in a PIT STATE, it may be better to just stop working until you can get back to a productive/Peak state.

*This doesn’t have to take long, it can usually be done in an instant.

I actually have a Shift Move pattern that I use to get out of it that takes less than a minute, so hit me up if you want me to share it.

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