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Perception = Coercion

We’ve all heard that perspective is Everything.

You’ve surely had some event or situation in your life that was seemingly catastrophic but you somehow were able to change how you viewed the situation and re-framed it to a more positive viewpoint and extract a learning lesson or perhaps even victory from it.

When we learn that we can break apart our limiting/negative thoughts or see them from a different lens or angle, from what was a previously ‘seemingly’ overwhelming situation that can now seem miniscule, or at least much less disempowering, we realize, our perspective is truly everything.

Unfortunately we also often forget that every situation offers an unlimited number of perspectives.

But we often choose to hold onto the first perspective that comes into our mind.

This is why your Perception is Coercion.

Coercion is the use of threats or force to make someone do something they don’t want to do.

You are being Coerced by your own perception.

You’re taking that initial, often Fear-based thought and letting it run rampant.

You let your mind get hijacked from that first perspective.

Consider that if you are not receiving the results you want out of life or business, it may be time to take back control of your perspectives.

The wrong perspectives will make your life hell and lead you down a path of misery and defeat.

Choosing an Empowering Perspective will lead you down a much different path.

The choice in perspective that you choose changes everything.

Your perspective can GIVE YOU POWER.

Or, Your perspective can make you powerless.

Your Actions follow your perspectives.

If your perceptions have coerced you that you’re a victim and eternally stuck in your situation, well your F**ked.

You’ve been Coerced.

Until…yes, there’s hope…

You choose a different, empowering perspective.

Stop telling yourself the way things ‘ARE’ is uncontrollable, as if they were set in stone.

The way things ARE today do not have to stay this way.

Because you ‘feel’ stuck in a job it doesn’t mean you can’t break away and build a successful business.

Because your perspective is telling you that you’re a sh*tty Husband or father, doesn’t mean you can’t change the script in the next chapter.

Overweight, out of shape?

Stop being coerced by your stories.

Change your perspective to “It’s time for my comeback”.

You have the Power to choose.

You are already choosing whether you realize it or not.

Stop being coerced by your Perceptions.

Remember, Coercion is the use of threats or force to make someone do something they don’t want to do.

Stop believing and doing what you don’t want to do.



Give it a try.

What’s some negative sh*t going on in your life?

Break it down.

View it from a different lens.

Give yourself some alternative viewpoints and possibilities that lead you to where you truly want to go and toward who you want to become.

And choose the perspectives that will guide you there.

Choose perspectives of Power and start moving in that direction.

Need some help?

Message me, I know a guy who’s pretty good with helping people Brkthru to get what they really want out of life/business.

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