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Pursuing FREEDOM means facing DEATH

For you corporate world guys looking to break free and get into the real estate game, this message is just for you…
In order to create your FREEDOM, you’re going to have to ‘let go’ or put to DEATH some of your comforts and currents patterns and actions.
So, the takeaway from this is, is that it IS Freedom to put to DEATH old patterns, non-useful beliefs, so that we can step into greater experiences and greater versions of ourselves.
Real Life. Real Estate.




All right. I started my bike training this week for the Ironman. It’s about 40 something degrees out here. Pretty windy so I pretty much sucked. I’m a Texas guy so I do not like the cold weather. I was able to get through my bike ride today. Something I was thinking about during my ride is that to pursue freedom means pursuing death. Another way to say it is to pursue success means that you are pursuing death. What I’m meaning on that is by riding my bike today, I was essentially crucifying or putting to death other patterns and rituals and things that I’ve done in say for example my workout routine or not working out so having, staying inside and working or just doing other things.

Really to pursue freedom in terms of say for example business, say for you guys that are still working at your job and you want to break free, you want to do real estate or you want to begin flipping houses or flipping houses full-time or doing a little bit, you have to understand that that’s going to require putting to death some past beliefs and some comforts that you’re holding on to. Stepping out of that comfort zone, stepping into areas and arenas of life that you may not be so comfortable with.

For example me riding my bike today in this cold weather. That was putting to death some comforts that I’ve had. The same thing, that same lesson applies greatly in business. Meaning that if you want to pursue something new to achieve some type of success or some type of freedom, that you are going to have to lay something else down and essentially put something else to death to achieve what it is that you want to achieve. Hope that helps. I’m going to the warm weather inside my house. See you later.

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