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Quality Problems [Live]

Yes, when you Choose your calling, you choose your problems.

We all have a calling.

We actually have multiple callings in our life.
~Our calling as a Spouse.
~Our calling as a Parent.
~Our calling to the Marketplace (Business owner / Employee)
~Our calling to Others
~Our calling to our physical Bodies
~Our calling to God

To the extent we accept our calling, or accept our calling at all, is when you CHOOSE YOUR PROBLEMS.

In all of the above mentioned areas that I’ll categorize here:

You not only get to choose your calling but you get to choose the level in which you are going to
pursue it.

The level that you pursue will determine the QUALITY of the problems you experience.

Yes, that’s right, the Quality.

Problems are a blessing and our single greatest opportunities to grow.

But if you’re only solving basic, low level problems, your rewards will also be low level returns.

Ex. Fry Cook vs Business Owner.

Or even, NBA Employee (let’s say referee) vs NBA Owner (yes, that’s Me and Mark Cuban)

(I have a great story to about the time I met Mark, that I’ll have to share sometime)

So the higher level problems you choose to solve, the greater the rewards.

You see, no matter who you are and what life you’ve chosen, problems are going to come knocking at your door.

If you’re a shitty husband and father, expect to have to deal with shitty Husband/Father Problems.

If you’re a great Husband Heather, there are still problems and challenges at this level but they are typically a higher quality.

At times, I’ve been both.

I can tell you that dealing with shitty Dad/Husband problems is not fun.

They involve ‘cleaning up Shit’ essentially.

Versus great Dad/Husband problems that are usually focused on teaching, growth, and expansion.

Another example, if you choose shitty eating habits and not working out, those health issues will arise sooner or later.

If you choose to eat well and exercise routinely, guess what, it’s not easy so the mental and physical struggles are problems you get to deal with.

Because most things are Binary in life, like Newton’s law, it means that the actions you choose, there will be an equal and opposite reaction (problems that occur).

I’ll give you an example.

My Father chose to be an Employee and work for others throughout his career.

So when someone works for others, they are choosing a specific set of circumstances (aka: problems) into their world.

For example, as an employee, this usually requires sacrificing time freedom, income opportunities (limited earning potential) and simply having the corporate ‘red tape’ determining what you do.

The funny thing is, most people choose the path of being an employee because of the ‘safety’.

But my experience as a child was I saw my father get laid off from his job over half a dozen times growing up, and sometimes for long periods of time.

I saw my parents lose everything when I was in middle school.

*My father is incredibly smart, loyal, hardworking and every lay-off wasn’t because of him, it was the field he was in that had booms/busts in the industry in the 1980’s.

So I just want to be clear that I have tons of appreciation and honor for my Father and all that he did for my family.

However, when I chose to leave my job and go full-time into real estate/business, my Father thought I was 100% making the wrong move.

He questioned me saying, “are you crazy? You’re leaving a good company that you could work at and retire there”.

You see this?

I didn’t want to experience the problems my father experienced.

I saw the pain and struggle on my parents’ faces during those hard times.

But he didn’t see that.

He viewed my choice to leave my job as one of risk.

Obviously, my interpretation was that remaining to work for a company was a much greater risk versus me controlling my destiny as owner of my own business.

So I was more than willing to accept the calling of being a business owner and take on the risks of entrepreneurship and the problems that would arise.

He chose a different set of problems working a job that I didn’t want to experience.

There is no right or wrong here.

There is simply a choice.

But understand, the choices you make will determine the types of problems that show up to your door.

And no one in life is going to avoid problems.

So my advice:
Choose a higher quality of problems in your life.

They come with higher quality rewards.

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