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Here’s some good news: There’s solid basis for predicting a strong recovery in the housing market, says the guys at Goldman Sachs. Not like we always like to listen to those guys.

According to this article, the housing market has a long list of positives right now:

  • Rising Prices
  • Job Growth
  • Supportive Government Policies, and
  • Decline in Shadow Inventory of Homes

Goldman Sachs changed their rating of the housing market from neutral to attractive.

Deutsche Bank supports this prediction as they also say that housing could provide a meaningful and critical lift to the overall economic activity at a time when other growth drivers, such as exports, are slowing down.

It’s absolutely astonishing how much new housing starts can contribute to the economy.

I can attest to the fact that you can definitely feel that things are beginning to heat up in the housing market. Indeed, there are notable gains lately. After all, we already know that when the supply is low, the demand is high. This is a very exciting time for us, entrepreneurs, in the housing market! It’s a conducive time for us to step up our game.

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