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Sacrificing 90% for 10%

Have you ever sacrificed 90% for 10%?

I know, it’s not a very wise trade-off.

But we do it all the time.

Maybe you’re doing it right now?

What am I talking about?

So I was looking at myself in the mirror after a workout and beating myself up because last night I dipped into the old evil cookie jar…

I’m supposed to be cutting a little right now, but yes, I succumbed to the Cookie Jar (technically it was chocolate)

So as I was mentally beating myself up because of 10% of what I’m not doing great (evening snacking mostly), I was therefore, discarding 90% of the things I’m doing fitness-wise that are ‘dialed in’

For example, sleep, nutrition (most), exercise (intensity/consistency), mindset, supplements, etc….mostly dialed in

I’m 49 years old and overall, in great shape….

But I was beating myself up over a small % of things that simply needed to be improved.

My question for you is where do you do this in your life or business?

I’ll share an example where I see this pattern a lot: MARRIAGE

Literally, a spouse will check 90 of the boxes out of 100 things that a spouse should be good to great at, and there’s maybe like 10% they could work on a little bit, but then what happens?

100% judgment by the other spouse on the 10%

Then ultimately, Affairs…Divorce….Discord….or all 3

Rather than working on the 10% they, throw away the 90%

My son did this at boxing last night.

The kid was on Fire, sparred 3 different fighters for 6 rounds (2 rounds each), and one guy was a pro.

My son won and mostly dominated every single round.

The pro fighter even came up to me to tell me how impressed he was and he was going to spar more, but my son hurt his ribs

But the first thing my son mentioned on our ride home was, ‘i could have done better’

Sure, he could have.

We all can always improve and do better.

And yes, we should strive to continually be better and work on our 10%.

But on occasion, take a step back and appreciate the 90% that is good and working in your life or business and appreciate the Gains and Fruit you have in your life.

What you appreciate will appreciate, so appreciate the 90% more and sure, work on the 10% too, but don’t sacrifice the 90 for the 10 along the way….

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