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SEARS is a penny stock /// Real Estate Effects

it’s happening across the board in all industries…

When’s the last time you rented a movie at Blockbuster?
Me either, Insert NETFLIX….

How many of you will be doing your children’s Christmas shopping at Toys-R-Us this year?

Nope, Insert AMAZON….

It’s called the Disruption of a marketplace/industry from new technologies, systems and infrastructure that exposes the outdated models and inefficiencies of the past.

Horse and buggy used to be a thing until Mr Ford came along.

It’s happened again in the transportation industry with Uber.

It’s happened in the travel industry with AirBnB.

But I’m a real estate guy, and I know many of you who are my friends are as well.

Many of you are either Investors and Agents.

So none of the above effects our bottom line right?

Well, until the disruption happens in our industry.

Perhaps it is already happening?

And you will be impacted one way or another.

I. Lets be honest, many will become a casualty, like Sears. Too late to the party and too late to make the change.

II. Maybe you just miss the opportunity until it’s too late to take advantage of the marketplace while it was relatively still unknown.

III. Or perhaps, you SEE ‘IT’ in the beginning before that hockey stick of exponential growth trends up AND you take advantage of the disruption before it spreads like wildfire across the marketplace?
I like this one best, how about you?

My suggestion for those of you in the industry: Be on the look out.

And if you want to know my 2 cents, the Disruption is already here.

You can email me ( if you’d like to learn what I’m calling ‘The AMAZON of Real Estate’….

Or not, that’s ok too, but I’m glad to share with my friends in the real estate industry that want to know my unbiased opinion of what is really going on and why….

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