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I started some boxing training recently

The basics… bag work, line drills and shadowboxing.

When you’re shadowboxing, you’re looking at yourself in the mirror and you’re exposed to: Reality

You either like what you see, or you don’t

This is an External view that you see of yourself in the Mirror.

But there is an Internal shadowboxing that I began doing long ago that changed my life.

You see, we all have a shadow that we create for ourselves.

This shadow follows you around

This shadow may be something you choose or refuse to see about Yourself

And what you absolutely don’t want others to see.

You try to hide it with your ‘persona’.

You may have created this shiny, happy, successful version of you that you want everyone to see.

For others, you create the rugged, tough guy image so you can cover up your weaknesses inside.

And the bigger you created this persona to be, the more shadowboxing you are going to have to do.

If you haven’t already, you realize how suffocating your shadow has become.

It’s baggage.

It takes work to maintain.

And it drains you.

Because it’s not you.

When you can acknowledge that it’s time to break the shell, you’re on the brink of freedom.

But you’re going to have to fight and to do some shadowboxing

In order to shadowbox, you have to start with the basics:

~ Stop Lying.

~ Tell the Truth.

~ Be Real & Honest

You created your persona by becoming a master of denial and creating a facade.

You entrapped yourself in lies and scandals.

It’s time for you to tell the truth and live Scandal-Less.

It’s time to tear all that down and be the real you

It’s time to Shadow box.

Obliterate your persona.

Be the real you.

Expose your flaws.

Accept them.

Make amends with those you’ve hurt or betrayed.

Most of all, with yourself.

Make peace and extend forgiveness to your faults and your weaknesses.

And from this place or brokenness, you can finally begin to access the real version of you and your greatest powers within.

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