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Sink or Swim? You Decide

Met with a friend/student the other day that may be losing their job soon…my comment?
“Most likely this will be one of the greatest things to happen for you”
You see I’ve had many students over the years lose their jobs while working with them, or they came to me just after losing their job so they can learn how to invest in real estate….guess what happens when the bottom gets dropped out from underneath you?
Yep, you either sink or swim.
But i’ve found that most (at least those I’ve worked with), find a way to Swim, and many actually find a way to Thrive.
And unfortunately, often times the ones double-dipping with a job and real estate, typically fail to really create GREAT results because they stay in that comfort zone and never dare to wade to far into the water where the big dollars are…
But of course, real ‘Success’ in business is not only figuring out how to make money (actually the easier part of the equation) but also creating a business that you enjoy doing what you do while at the same time truly helping and serving others along the way.
Mark Twain said it best,
“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born, and the day you find out why”
So, for those of you on the fence about pursuing your dreams, or those of you on the brink of job loss, or burnout for that matter, find your WHY and just go out and take action every day and build it.
One last thought. In the field of dreams, the famous quote was, “If you build it, they will come”
In the world of being a real estate entrepreneur, the same applies:
If you BUILD your business right, ‘they’ will come.
……and whatever it is you choose to create

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