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In the world of Business & Success, Sinners are the Winners.

Hear me out before you get all legalistic on me.

When we look at business/entrepreneurs we see a common theme with most, if not all entrepreneurs:

Entrepreneurs make a ton of mistakes…over and over again.

We learn very little from success and times of peace and tranquility.

The process of GROWING inherently means that you must be WILLING TO FAIL repeatedly along the way and learn from your failures.

So if we view failing or mistakes as ‘sin’, well the path to success is achieved through some: ‘sinful’ decisions along the way.

*No, I’m not endorsing any illegal/unethical or truly sinful behavior, I’m defining sinful behavior as mistakes and a willingness to try things with good/legal intentions and ‘fail forward’ along the way and not be ‘perfect’ as to avoid failure.

Here’s the thing I’ve seen in studying the Bible:
Jesus was never upset with the Sinners, he was upset with the Saint’s and people who didn’t think they were sinning.

The whole redemption experience in Christianity is based on the fact that we are going to sin, fail, and fall short over and over again.

It’s almost as if the bigger and more we mess up, God’s grace has the ability to work in an even greater capacity and the more pleased he is in us…hmm…

I’m just saying that if you’re afraid to fail, you may be trying to be too much of a Saint.

And the more you play it safe, the less you are going to learn.

The less you learn, the less you grow.

And the less you learn, the less you earn.

And this my friends, is not pleasing to God.

Don’t believe me? Read the story of the talents.

God said we’ll be judged by our Fruit, these are not my words, they’re his.

So if playing it safe is Saintly, and Jesus despised the Saints…

What is pleasing to him?


We hard-charging entrepreneurs stumble and fail a lot pursuing the calling in our hearts despite the unknowns and uncertainties ahead.

This is called Faith my friends.

A willingness to fail and fail again is where the discoveries & Breakthroughs come and where Grace can be received.

To follow your heart with a willingness to fail is a path to becoming a Man/Woman/Entrepreneur after God’s own heart.

So just consider, the more you’re willing to ‘sin’ by making mistakes and failing forward, the greater you will become, on earth, as it is in Heaven.

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