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Small Business Supermen: That Lost Their Soul :(

Small Business Supermen (That Lost Their Soul)

I see you, with your cape on, trying to save the day.

But it ain’t as easy as it looks.

Look, there is a tremendous amount of pressure on all of us in today’s world, for Men & Women alike.

If you’re married, the pressure goes up.

If you’re married with children, the pressure just goes up some more.

Now, if you’re a married man, with children and you’re also running a small business, or multiple businesses like myself?

Well my friend, you’ve entered into an Arena of pressure and responsibility that just went up about 100x on the pressure gauge.

First off, nobody is coming to save you.

However, you need to be prepared to go out and save the world (family, employees, customers…) every single day.

They are all looking to you to be the Man, have the plan, do the right thing, and make the right decisions.

They can only ‘eat what you kill’, so you better be able to bring home the Buffalo.

Every single day.

Business alone is rough, let alone the pressures that also come from being a husband and father and the many other hats you wear.

There’s a reason that 50% of marriages end in divorce and 9 out of 10 businesses fail.

Yes, 90% of businesses eventually fail.

Do you want to know why?

Simple answer:

It’s really f**king hard to operate a successful business long-term in today’s world.

I’ve been doing it for 18 years now, so trust me, I know.

And even for businesses that aren’t failing, they are still continually facing many difficult challenges, I assure you of this.

So for my ‘Small Business Superheroes’ out there, who are going to war each and every day.

I feel you my friend.

And I know some of the battles you’re facing.

And for many/most entrepreneurs, you go through some dark lonely pits.

As a matter of fact, I began writing this post after reading a private message that a small business owner sent me after watching one of my videos.

He was going through some deep pits and struggles, but not with his business, with all of the other pressures surrounding him.

Just like you may be as well.

Because as you are out there, going to war every day, it’s going to be exhausting at times.

And there are going to be dark valleys and dark lonely pits.

At times, you see a problem or pressure everywhere you look:








~Legal issues & Lawsuits

~And Decisions, Decisions, Decisions…

Decision fatigue eventually sets in and you start to go F*ing insane.

And everyone is looking to you to be the Man:

~Stay calm, cool, and collected, and figure shit out.

~Bring home the bacon and make it look easy while doing it.

This is reality.

There’s a reason one of my daily mantras is:

“I make tough shit look easy”

I learned a long time ago, fixing tough shit was simply going to be a part of my everyday life, so I might as well embrace it… and make it look easy in the process.

But it ain’t easy.

It’s hard, we all know this.

So for the married ~ husband ~ father ~ entrepreneurs out there, I’m with you.

I’m in the pits, battling it out as well.

And I need you to listen.

Because I need to warn you to make sure when you’re out there, battling, that you don’t lose sight of WHO you’re battling for first.

And no, it’s not your family.

It’s not your employees or your customers.

It’s not the all-mighty Dollar.

It’s You.

It’s your Soul.

And the King needs to eat first.

You’re the King of your castle and you need to make sure that you’re taking care of yourself.

What do I mean?

First off, I mean your soul.

So many entrepreneurs make the mistake as I did and become this one or two-dimensional douchebag that thinks if they just make enough money that it will fix everything.

It won’t…ask me how I know.

So by the King eating first, strongly consider prioritizing your time first.

Let your Soul eat daily.

Why do you think I’m writing this?

One reason is I made a decision to seek my heart daily and dig into my Soul Purpose.

A big part of my purpose is to help rescue Men from the pits they find themselves in.


Because I was there too, and someone helped rescue me and show me a better way.

And that way provided me a paradigm shift that is in this order:






This goes deeper than I will share here but the fact is, many of you reading this need to regain control of your health as well.

You also need to restore some things you’ve damaged in your relationships by either being destructive or just the absentee kind of husband and father.

Being a workaholic has some severe repercussions.

To others and to your own soul.

The good news is, it’s all fixable.

But you need to start spending time with God and yourself and investing some time with yourself to find out what’s going on inside.

Here’s the deal, when you begin ‘eat first’ you can start light your soul back on fire and as you do that, you become LIT again and will be an even greater version of yourself than you currently are.

For some of you, you may have never done this.

That’s even more exciting really because you’ve always put others and business in front of who you’ve been called to in your heart.

You just suppressed it, or never really pursued ‘It’.

But as you begin to pursue within, your business, family, and others will all reap the rewards of your Superhero skills because you will ultimately become a better provider and producer than you already are.

But if you don’t put yourself first in seeking out what’s in your soul, well my friend, you’re one day closer to watching it all burn to the ground.

Let’s not do that.

You have too many people counting on you.

They need you to be the Man, and you need to be the Man.

You have a legacy to create, I get it.

But first, you need to eat.

Feed your soul, get connected to that voice inside, and live a life of passion and connection that not only makes the money but creates the legacy and life you desire at the same time.

——-THE END———

As always, if you’re struggling and going through some pits, you don’t need to like or comment but feel free to send me a private message, and let’s see what needs to be done to get you back on track and living the way that the voice inside of you is calling you towards.

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