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Stop being silent. Get Violent



I was asked this question yesterday at the closing of a Mastermind.

The context around the question is to go to war for what you feel called to do with your life.

Coincidentally, as I began my morning reading today, the first thing I read was Matt 11: 12.

“The Kingdom of Heaven Suffers violence and Violent Men take it by force.”
So my question is, where are you showing up Violent in your life?

I think it’s evident that most Men today aren’t using the ‘Violent card’ too often in life.

Most play the Silent card.

Too fearful to speak up for what is in the heart.

And too lazy to take the necessary actions and do the required work to pursue what they truly desire and is needed from their families and communities.

To clarify, obviously, we’re talking about useful Violence of course.

We all know the world is full of evil, reckless unnecessary violence, and yes this is rampant.

But in order to combat evil violence, it will require Righteous Violence.

And in order to generate Righteous Violence, we need Men who are practicing and training and being VIOLENT in their daily lives.

Weak, soggy Men are plentiful.

Righteously Driven Violent Men are sorely lacking.

Here is what going to War means to me.

To be violent in the pursuit of my relationship W/ God.
To daily pursue:
~~ Hearing
~~ Learning
~~ Sharing
~~ Growing

To be violent in the pursuit of creating an amazing relationship with my wife and Children.

To be violent in my health and workouts and go to war to strengthen and weaponize my body for longevity and so that I am prepared for the physical battles that will arise in Life.

To be violent in my Businesses to create wealth and income that creates positive impacts in our communities while helping and serving others.

Men: Please take note that you cannot build a Kingdom by being broke.

*Trading 50-60 hours at your Job and creating Wealth for ‘them’ while you live as a modern day peasant is no way to live my friend.

So for me and my response, GOING TO WAR, it means getting violent for what I am called to do and create in Life.

I am committed to having it all.

Close connection, fellowship and guidance in my relationship w/God.

To create loving, connected relationships to my wife & family.

To experience strength, power & vitality in my Body.

To create wealth and income through my businesses that create positive impacts in our communities and help and serve others.

And to lead & help Men to create their “Have it All” Lifestyle.

And to create these outcomes, I will go to war and be a righteously violent, violent Man.

I encourage you to do the same my friends.

BUT to begin to break your chains, you are going to have to begin getting a little violent.

So stop being so silent and learn to get a little violent.

If you want to learn about the path I take to Have it All, hit me up, but be prepared to get a little violent if you do

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