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💪Strength vs Weakness 🤦‍♂️

The Choice a Man must continually make

Most Men today choose Weakness.

Let me show you a few areas where Men are choosing their weakness over strength.

And we’ll even make this a ‘play at home’ game so you can judge yourself at the end.

This will tie into everything else shared here and everything in your life essentially, so yes, this is an obvious one and probably the most common way that Men sacrifice their strength for weakness.

This occurs in 2 ways:
COMMISSION: outward lying

OMISSION: remaining silent when the truth (or feelings) need to be stated

You may think it’s just a little ‘white lie’ but you’re decaying your soul as a Man each time you lie or withhold the truth.

When a Man denies his anger, that act of suppression will begin to convert your strength into weakness/fear inside.

This goes hand in hand with telling the truth of course.

Your Anger is your Truth.

Expressing your truth = acting in Strength

Suppressing your truth = acting in Weakness

You will condition whichever response you choose.

And when you choose to suppress, you’re committing self-sabotage by pushing down your Anger/Truth/Heart and allowing your ‘false self’ (aka: Bitch Self) and you’re now conditioning yourself to repeat this response the next time you’re confronted with a similar situation.

Keep repeating this over and over and you’ll soon feel the void of your power and will soon become a completely weak Man void of your Masculinity because you’ve allowed weakness to become your default response.

I know the social norms and the overall acceptance of these today, and I get it to a degree, so this is not a judgement shot so much about ‘sin’ as the battle within for a Man’s strength.

Consider that when you as a Man give into temptation or weakness, you’re losing the battle within to Master yourself and allowing another opportunity to give away your strength.

The job of you as a Man is to harness your masculine energy towards your calling/purpose and definitely using your energy Sexually is one of our greatest joys in life.

But be cautious with the choices you make here, because this is a tricky one that you ‘feel like a Man’ bc you’re hooking up with different women, but consider the greatest version of you may be the Man that focuses your love towards the focus of a single woman.

Showing up in the greatest version of yourself to create a synergistic/powerful monogamous relationship and bringing your sexual energy to that place on a deep and continual level is likely where you will find your true sexual Strength.

*Read: The Way of the Superior Man by David Deida if you haven’t yet.

This can be a bit tricky at times because our commitments can certainly change.

I learned a long time ago about the 4 pillars of integrity and one of those pillars shares how to honor our commitments even when our commitments change, this is called having Impeccable Agreements.

An agreement is anything we said that we would do (or wouldn’t do).

This can be with others, or just to ourselves.

So when we make agreements, it helps to start by creating Clear agreements that include who / does what / by when, etc.

To remain ‘impeccable’ with your agreements, this likely means you will keep your agreements around 90% of the time, however there may be instances where you are no longer in integrity with an agreement for some reason.

This is ok if this is your truth, but a sign of strength is the ability to know how to modify or properly disconnect from agreements that you will no longer honor or are no longer working.

I’ll give you an example.

My 19 year old son has a goal to become a professional boxer and recently I’ve taken an active role to manage him.  He switched boxing gyms last year and told me that he and his coach were becoming really good friends and he really liked the guy.

However when I went to the gym for one of his training sessions, the environment and atmosphere was not a place in which a champion would be forged (my opinion of course) and my son would be able to grow to who he wants to become. He agreed.

Next, I asked what some of the top boxing gyms in Houston were. We found what many call the best and we went there. He immediately knew it and said this was a place where champions were made (it was easy to sense, but easy to see as well because their pictures and belts were all over the place).

So my son had to have a conversation that wasn’t easy, but he went to his coach and told him that he was going to switch gyms because he felt the other gym would provide him the training he needed to become a professional and the other gym would not.

But he had the conversation in truth and love and strength. Very proud of him for how he handled it. He was nervous of course, and we discussed it, but then he handled his business (therefore: he operated in truth and conditioned strength over weakness).

So if you want to operate in strength as my son did and ‘Be the Man’, then you will need to learn how to create impeccable agreements in order to Honor your Commitments.

Here is a quick outline of Impeccable Agreements:
~~ Choose commitments wisely.

~~ Keep the commitments you make

~~ Say no to commitments you don’t want to make

~~ And know how to change agreements if they are no longer working for various reasons
*the ‘changing of agreements’ should be a very low % of the time, otherwise, if you find yourself continually breaking commitments its likely because you are not choosing your commitments wisely or you do not have the ability to simply say NO.

Yes, there are many other ways that Men choose to play in weakness over strength, but it all boils down to: BEING REAL.

When you’re real with yourself and others, you can begin to access your strength.

And when you combine BEING REAL + TELLING YOUR TRUTH while being able to intelligently be ‘in touch with your emotions (aka Masculinity) and from this place, communicate effectively, you are now stepping into a true place of Power & Strength.

And the more you do this: THE STRONGER YOU WILL BECOME

And the more you do this: THE GREATER YOUR RESULTS WILL BE.


So ask yourself my friend, how are you showing up in life when confronted with the choice of strength vs weakness?

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