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The ACTIONS you take are where your real Truth exists

Moving into a new year, many, if not all of you, have some goals and dreams you’ve set out for yourself.

But along the way, or perhaps even now, you will experience FEAR

From what I’ve seen and heard, Fear seems to be everywhere as we enter into 2024.

Everyone is fearing what is going to happen this year with the election, the world, and on and on.

And I get it.

But understand that a majority of the fear you experience or perceive will never come to be true.

A lot of what you read and hear is simply not True.

And what is ‘true’ to one person, may not be true to you.

That may be their truth, but it doesn’t mean that it is yours.

What do I mean by this?

You may believe that 2024 as we stand now, is a year of the world going to hell in a handbasket and everyone is doomed. This may be YOUR TRUTH, and quite possibly, a majority of people in the world and likely folks on social media.

A lot of the stories you hear that the naysayers are predicting this year may come true.

Yet, they may not.

It’s wise to be prepared for things of course, but not be stressed the f**k out all the time.

And even if they do come true, what’s more important than if they do occur (Stimulus), is what Story you create for yourself about the reality of the situation (aka Response, and internal dialogue that will become your truth).

You see, my Truth on the other hand about the current state of affairs, is that the world operates in cycles and patterns and the world/populations have actually perpetuated cycles that we’re going through since the dawn of time (ups/downs, famines/flourish, peace/war, bull markets/bear markets, and on and on). And during this time we are in, there will be tremendous opportunities to learn, grow, help, flourish and experience some cool shit along the way. No offense, but I like my truth better.

Here’s a quick tip on how you can see what YOUR TRUTH and other peoples Truth really is: Actions & Fruit.

That’s it.

Your actions that you take (not your words or social media posts) are where your real truth exists.

Just look at where a man spends his time and money and that’s what his truth is and you can see the evidence in the Fruit (aka Results) that he has to show for it.

So my friends, my encouragement is for you to live YOUR TRUTH this Year.

Make a plan to learn this year.

Make a plan to flourish this year.

Make a choice to avoid the fear mongering that is relentlessly going on around you.

As for me and my house, I’ll trust the Lord and back it up with actions that lead me down the path of peace and abundance.

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