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The Battle Right In Front Of You

I heard this last night at a conference Tara and I were at last night:

“Life will present to you people and circumstances to reveal where you are not free”

Think about this one for a bit.

Could it be that the issues/people/obstacles that are in your life are actually showing you the doorway for you to pass through in order to enter into your next Level?

It reminded me of this quote from Marcus Aurelius:

“The impediment to action advances action.

What stands in the way, becomes the way.”

In other words, what you are encountering in your life right now as your seemingly biggest obstacles, or even ‘triggers’ from others are telling you what you need to be focusing on to overcome.

These could be internal or external.

Likely both.

If you want more out of your life, you are going to have to begin doing more.

Which means you have to BE MORE.

Your problems are currently bigger than you or they wouldn’t be problems.

You have to BECOME BIGGER than your problems.

Therefore the challenging ‘things’ in your life are precisely where your focus should be.

Just look at the shortcomings, or challenges or desires you have in your life.

Those are the battles you need to begin fighting now.

Spiritually, Relationally, Physically or Financially,

Most likely all of the above.

Look at the lives of countless others that have overcame massive obstacles to achieve success.

Helen Keller for only one example was deaf and blind from childhood and not only earned a degree, but later on went on to become an author, lecturer and advocate for others who were deaf and blind.

Her life was a continuous grind to overcome incredibly difficult circumstances, one after another.

So I’m guessing she probably had just bit more challenges than you’re having right now.

So take a look at the landscape of your life.

The statement, “you get to pick your battles is true”

So begin to choose wisely.

Where to begin?

Remember, life is presenting you with people and circumstances that are revealing to you where you are not free.

So just look around.

What are the biggest obstacles and challenges currently in your life that you need to begin to battle and overcome?

Begin there.

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