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The Brant Phillips Show 3: The Hungry Heart Hears Best


The Brant Phillips Show 3: “The Hungry Heart Hears Best”



Welcome to the Brant Phillips’ Show. This show is dedicated to results. Now, here’s Brant.



(Brant Phillips)

Welcome to the Brant Phillips’ Show where I am ruthlessly committed to helping you create results in all areas of your life and business.


Alright my friend, so let’s dive into today’s lesson. I’m calling this The Hungry Heart Hears Best. That’s right. The hungry heart hears best. I recently read that, I believe it’s in a Bill Johnson book I was reading; Dreaming with God was the name of the book. Listen to it on audible. I don’t remember all the full context around that statement, but whenever he said it, it just stuck up with me. I shut the book down and I thought about that for a little bit. About the hungry heart hears best.


Sometimes, when we are most desperate, that is when we are most open to considering new things to really looking at the results that we previously created and most likely being dissatisfied with those results and really being real, and raw and honest with what we have created. And this applies to any area of life and business.


Today’s subject certainly applies to all areas of your life and your business applies to the F4 which you know that is:

  • Faith
  • Family
  • Fitness and
  • Finances


So, later on that day, I was at the office and a friend of mine came in. I was discussing with him about a lot of really good things I have clicking in business and some really good opportunities and he was like, “Dude you’ve made it.”

I sit at my desk and he said, dude, you’ve made it, like you have made it. And immediately, my mind reacted like: “Hell No! Dude, I’m just getting started. I haven’t even gotten close to making it.” And then he was like, “Man, you’ve done this and that. You’ve got this going on. Like American dream kind of stuff.”


He’s younger than me. He’s like in his late 20s. And I was like, “Look man, consider that adopting that attitude or believing that mindset of that ‘you’ve made it’ is one of the greatest mistakes that we can make as an entrepreneur and for me, as a man of faith and as a husband and a father.”


For example, in our health and fitness, as soon as we reach a certain goal or some physical fitness achievement, once we say, “yeah! I’ve made it”, that is where the plateau begins, okay? That is where the plateau begins and then that plateau we know at some point in time is just going down. So that’s something that I’ve always just kind of had inside of me, is this mindset to keep grinding, not only just to keep grinding but just to get better. You know?


A lot of times we will celebrate a big victory in terms of a big FLIP or some business accomplishments. I’m not one to really celebrate because to me it’s like – “OK, what’s next like what is the next thing?” Because whenever we believe that thought that we’ve made it, guess what happens next? We’re going to get lazy. We’re going to get soft. We get complacent and all those things lead up to us losing the edge. Losing that edge, that killer instinct, that eye of the tiger – whatever you want to call it. God is there in the first place anyways.


Whenever we begin like, to pat ourselves on the back that “we’ve done it”, “We’ve made it”, “We did this, that or the other thing”, that is the beginning of our next defeat.


I’ve seen so many investors who come into the real estate game and they are successful on their first deal. BUT, this happens so often, when they come in – their second or third deal’s an absolute flop.


In sports, you’ll hear this referred to as a sophomore slump right? They have a great rookie season and then that’s a sophomore slump. So, a lot of times that’s attributed to just think of like “Oh I got this. This is easy. I did this last year.” And we get lazy, soft, and complacent. We lose our edge.


Another thing in the business world arena, what happens (I think it’s human nature) to want to have this mindset of thinking that you’ve made it but if you hold on to that – what’s going to happen is the market place, your competitors and things just in the market place, market conditions are going to change. They are going to shift because you’re not keeping that eye of the tiger and staying hungry and then you’re going to get slaughtered right? The pigs get slaughtered, that’s a fact and we see that all the time in business.


I have this internal mechanism. I guess you would call it, to trigger me to not get complacent. You know? Whenever I have that thought and I do want to have that thought sometimes. And I do want to rejoice for business successes I do. You know?


For example, I am about to celebrate my marriage with my wife. We’re actually going away today, to get away for a few days. But also knowing that if I’m going into the relationship with my wife, thinking “Oh we’ve made it. We’ve been married 14 years and we’ve made it.” Well, guess what? There’s still a lot of divorces that happen even after married for 14 years or just a lot of very unhappy marriages and that’s not what I desire in my marriage. I want to continually improve it, to level up the relationship, the connection and the experiences with my wife. So, that is why having this hungry heart, we are able not only to hear but able to create new experiences, goals in all areas of our life.




Hey, this is Brant and I hope you’re enjoying today’s show. You know, if you’re complacent in your life, in your business, in your real estate investing and you just feel stuck. Maybe you don’t know what actions to take next to get you unstuck or just on the path of creating results that you really desire. Please take on a few minutes to go to my website at

There’s some really valuable resources and information that may be able to help you out. And if you really wish to speed up results with the help of a coach or mentor and adding true accountability and guidance to your life and business, please reach out to me for my website. You’ll see a link at the top or by going to




So, you know like I said, this mindset of having a hungry heart is going to affect every area of your life – spirituality, relationships, fitness and certainly business. You just have to consider to adopt this mindset that “you will never really make it”.

That’s my mindset which is like; I’m never really going to make it to a finish line where I can say “Oh, I made it!.” The reason for that is simply I am committed to a life-long pursuit to improve, level up, increase and expand what I’ve done before. In other words, I stay hungry. Like, stay thirsty my friend (the Dos Equis guy).


I’m here to ask you to consider staying hungry whenever you’re successful, stay hungry and immediately ask the question: “How can I level up? What can I do next?” to stay hungry, continually.


Stive to continually deepen your relationship with God. Look for ways to improve your marriage and relationship with your loved ones, with your children. Look for ways to feel better and perform better, eat better physically and always look for ways to increase your wealth, increase your income and improve the systems and the lifestyle that your business provides.


No matter what level of the game that you are at in any of these areas. Life as we know, and business as we know, as you hear me often say, – it’s just a game. It’s just a game. So, wherever you’re at in this game of life and business, consider there is always another level.


There is always another level and that you know? For those of you, type A – very aggressive, folks out there. That’s why the things that keep us striving because the game of life, the game of business is not a sprint my friends. This is a lifelong marathon. It is a commitment to constantly seek “making it” but not making it to the finish line but just making it to the next level. And making it to the next level, yes might celebrate for a day, an hour but then we need to roll up our sleeves and get right back to doing the work when we reached new levels.


So, I read one time and I can’t remember where, so I’m sorry I can’t give them the proper credit, but they had this rule where, whenever things went wrong, or they lost money on a deal or whatever, they had this rule. It was called the 20-minute rule. When things go bad, things go sideways; you lose money on a deal, you fight with somebody or whatever happens. This bad thing which I like to call “bad things, non-useful things” because really there’s no bad if you glean a lesson from that and if you learned a lesson from that experience, it isn’t really bad actually. it’s actually really good.


So, when these non-useful things happen in our life, they had this 20-minute rule. Where it was like, alright I’m going to bitch, moan, whine, cry, and sit in a corner, suck my thumb like a baby, punch holes in the wall or whatever you do to blow off stress – just let it out, like let it go. We need to vent like that right? But, it’s limited to 20 minutes. After 20 minutes, you’re doing nothing else, you’re done drifting and wasting time and playing the victim role and back to focusing on how do you prevent that ‘thing’ from happening again, how do you improve results, how do you move forward to get things done rather than sitting there- whining and crying.


So, I love that rule. It’s very hard to implement. It really is, especially when you lose money on a deal or you fight with your wife. It’s very hard to just say “alright, let’s just hash this out right now and be done.” And just be done really quickly, right?


Because we tend to like hold onto things, like “Oh my God! Why did this happen to me? Blah-blah-blah. Story-story-story. Victim-victim-victim. Blah-blah-blah.” Rather than just saying, “Okay. This happened. Let me vent.” I’m going to hit something, that’s why I have a punching bag in my garage and pull up bars in my office, because I like to vent physically. That’s very useful way to get rid of this thing.


The reason I am sharing that is that the lesson can be applied as well to this conversation. So, when we make it to a certain goal. Whenever you know? Something that we accomplished, it is useful to celebrate success but NOT to a point where we rest, where we get this egotistical type of attitude but rather celebrate it so that it encourages us and inspires us to go seek and reach that new level.


You know you hear me talk a lot about setting physical goals right? So, several years ago and I personally plateaued. I was somewhat soft, somewhat lazy and one day, when speaking to one of my coaches, we were talking about setting some new goals and he mentioned about an MMA guy who was fighting an MMA cage fight. The thought of that scared me and since that time, those of you may or may not know, I signed up to fight in an MMA fight. I fought in cage fight 90 days later and I proceeded to get my ass knocked out really very quickly (lol) but I felt alive again, like the adrenaline, the juices, the pursuit of a goal and my goal at that time was just to fight in an MMA cage fight.


Maybe I should have set my goal to win the fight or at least not getting knocked out, but the point is since that time I went on to run multiple half iron man’s, full iron man’s, go through Sealfit training with Navy Seals and do other things because I know that there’s always another level. And whenever I stop striving for that next level, that’s where I get complacent, that’s where I lose my edge and that’s where things begin to crumble and fall eventually if I stay on that path.


A couple of last things I want to share – my oldest son’s last football season was last week. He didn’t play a lot. It’s a team of 7-8th graders and he didn’t play a whole lot. Played a little bit, and you know, it was disappointing for him. He worked really hard and so anyways, the last game of the season was last week and after the game was over, we got in the truck, we’re riding home and I was like, “Hey bud, your first season of tackle football’s over. What are your thoughts about it? What are your memories? Things you want to take away for next year?” And he was like, “Dad I don’t really want to think about it like that”. He said, “I’m just thinking that this is the start of the new season. I’m going to start training because I’m going to play next year. I’m going to be a starter”. Something like that and I was just really proud of him. That attitude of “Yeah, what’s next?.”


And I’ve heard it also said by Mark Cuban. He said something to the extent of “work like there’s someone working against you 24 hours a day to take what you’ve built,” or what you’ve created. Wake up every day with a mindset of like, “Today, I need to go out make my first dollar. I got to go out and create new opportunities and perform new business or else I don’t eat.”


Once again we can apply that to staying hungry in every area of our life. Set new goals. Set new challenges where you feel that you’ve become complacent in your faith, in your family, in your fitness, in your finances. Where you feel like you’ve lost the edge. I encourage you to go out today. Set new goals. Set new challenges. Get off the sidelines if that’s where you’ve been sitting, and get away from the sidelines and go grind. Go out there and grind.


So, that’s all I have for you today my friends. Stay hungry. Stay hungry because the hungry heart hears best. That’s all I got. Signing off and encouraging you to go out and create results in your life and in your business.




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