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The Brant Phillips Show Podcast: Start Here for Results


Brant Phillips’ Show

001: Start here for Results

(Voice Over) Welcome to the Brant Phillips’ show the show dedicated to results! Now here’s Brant.

(Brant Phillips) Hey, welcome everybody to the Brant Phillips’ Show. And yes I am Brant Phillips and yes this is the initial Brant Phillips’ Show, podcast and yes this show is all about results!

So, I want to welcome everybody for joining this initial podcast and here’s what I’m going to do for you, I know some of you may know me and, some of you may not, so I’ m just going to let you know a little bit about myself, my story and how I’ve got to be where I’m at in life right now. The sole purpose of telling me who I am and, what I’ m about why I’m doing this podcast today is, I want to ethically bribe you if you will to listen future podcast and shows but also I want you to know that I’ve made my life’s mission to motivate, educate, inspire and, equip others to go out and create results in life and business. So that’s who I am, that’s what I am all about.A little bit about myself, I am a Texas boy born and raised in Texas markit and spend a lot of time in Dallas, Houston and, also lived in Austin and, Huntsville and, just all over the state.

Those of you who don’t really know me, if you were to Google my name and you want to get to know me that way you will probably see me come up as a Real Estate Investor and, real estate, single family home, house flipper,rental properties, I do some coaching and mentoring, writing some books and stuff like that that’s, probably my biggest claim to fame. I love to flip houses and, I also have a construction business. I have a property management company and we do some development, new home construction, things like that, that’s how a lot of people know me. And that’s most likely why you are listening to this show and perhaps if you just stumbled upon and learn about me from reading a book or something like that most likely it was real estate because it is the biggest part of what I do.

Bigger than that, I don’t see myself as a Real Estate Investor, I see myself as an Entrepreneur, but more importantly than that I see myself as a husband, a father, a friend and a mentor. I’m not in the business in sense of just making money; although I love making money and helping people make money. I’ll talk about thatin a little bit, there is a deeper aspect of just making money that if that isn’t squared away in your life like that money is really fulfilling and, I look at myself on all these choice.We’re spiritual being created by God right? And you know that we’re here to, and this is for me I like to perform the will the thing I feel that God has placed in my heart and part of what I do is to have it a really what I am called to do for feel like I am going to do is create a big impact on the world. To really motivate and educate others, inspire and equip others to go and, take action to improve not just financial area of your life, not to just increase your net worth, and flip houses, and all real estate property things like that.Like I mentioned earlier is to really incorporate those other areas into your life and to your business and that’s this podcast is going to be about. Yes, we’re going to talk about real estate and I am going to give you lots of insights to get your business going as an entrepreneur or real estate entrepreneur, just a small business owner, multiple business are really like to you know tackle types of aspects of business but once again all-time this things back to the core aspects of life that I’ll be discussing in this show and future show something that I called F4.

F4 is a code that I live by, a lot of my students live by, which surrounds basically the four core area of our life.The four core areas of our life which is/are surround are:

  1. Faith
  2. Family
  3. Fitness (Which is I will incorporate all of our health and fitness.)
  4. Finances

Those are the four pillars of your will, and one of the things that it’s just how I operate my life is based on this code of the F4. Because I truly believe that whenever one of these pillars, one of these legs of this table of life are not in order, or they’re not there or they are not in alignment with the others, something’s going to be missing, something’s going to be aloft and that table is eventually going to fall, it’s going to be very unstable.Some of you more unstable the most if you are living that life of a one dimensional douche bag and, how you’re out trying to do is make money well that table’s going to fall my fall my friend. I encourage you to begin consider to begin looking ways you can incorporate these areas of the F4.Faith, family, fitness, and some finances to all areas of our life the really cool thing that I discovered a long line journeys as an entrepreneur and really quite frankly is my journey back from hitting the bottom,also error quotes, quote, unquote made it. You see who you are spiritually, and who you are in your relationship with your loved ones and those connections. When there is daily connection on those relationships and you’re experiencing love and joy a deep connection relationships you’re going to grow more focused and more clearer on your life. What is your motivating factor?Why is it that you are pushing hard to the business? When you begin to take control of things, and your health and fitness for example, you’re eating habits, establishing some productive useful work out routines.When you begin to experience power of your will in these other ways of life, guess what, it’s magic.My experience has been you will make more money, because when you come showing up in the business world and the real estate arena, orwhatever area of business that you’re in you just come in more focused you come in more connected and able to perform and create results and that’s what I am all about, and that’s what this podcast is all about. All about results, creating the right results that you’re truly seeking in your life and also creating those results in your bank account in the bottom line because it matters not my friend, it matters not my friends. What your bank is if your life order is chaos and vice versa. You may be in great shape, you’ve got the six pack abs, and you got the things squared awaybut if you’re broke and you’re not making in any business it matters not my friends, it matters not my friends.

My goal is that for you to comeback for future shows, if there’s something in this message already resonating with you and you are truly seeking to improve things in your life and in business I want you to come back because my students and those who attended breakthrough at the beach.When they put it together and they see that these areas, these four pillars of the F4, they’re not separate. They may look separate but we begin to find that they’re so intertwine together and the more that we are pushing all of those areas and we’re able to push them and increase them and approve them all at the same time each and every day the greater the result in the impact financial is going to be in your bank account, but you’re growing your bank account in a way that is sustainable with the other areas of life and this is essentially the message of having it all not just going down that path where you’ve got to work to become a millionaire and make all these money only define that the end of that road that you’re divorced, your kids can’t stay in you, you’re on path to have a heart attack, your overweight, you’re out of shape, and that’s just not necessary. Because, you can you can go down on this path of being an entrepreneur, real estate investor, whatever it is that is in your heart, what areas in business that you get excited about making money that you can. You can create those business results without sacrificing the things in your life, and this boils down to commitment.

Everything starts with the commitment right? Start with just the commitment say I am committed to improve these areas of my life,say I am committed to improve these areas of my business, and then taking the simple steps every day. You can call these investment, you can call these actions, you know we’re talking about your health and fitness you’regoing to say I’m going to work out fifteen minutes a day and it may be simple as that and may just start with that and you test that with the results that you are getting.It may just be, you know, I’m going to tell my spouse that I love them every day, or justdo something I’m going to send a text, maybe buy them some flowers, or a card, or sticky note and you just make a daily investment into those areas of your life, but that commitment with your eye on one thing, with your eye on the result what do you want those four areas of your life to look like, and what are you committed to do to create those results. That’s what these F4 is all about, that’s what this show is all about and we’re just going to dive in a little to my story on this podcast but you know what that is going to be the focus of podcast number two.

So, once again thank you for listening to the show my friends and I look forward to helping you create results in your life and business

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