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the C A L L I N G [Live]

Something on your heart?

Maybe something that’s been there for a while…

Feels a bit like it’s ‘calling’ you to it.

It’s because that’s exactly what’s happening.

Many of you reading this are BEING CALLED to something, but you’re not picking up the call.

You’re hitting the ignore button.

Time and Time again.

The Bible speaks of ‘many are called, but few are chosen’

There are different interpretations of this, this is mine:

~~> The ones that actually respond to the call are the ones that are Chosen.

You are being CALLED, whether you answer the call or not.

You are being CALLED to love deeper than ever before in your relationships.

You are being CALLED to seek and go deeper in your relationship with God / Faith.

Many of you are being CALLED to start a business or invest in Real Estate.

And not just to make money but for the people you can impact.

I’ve seen this for years with people I run across in Real Estate who dream for years about investing but never do.

Or they just dip their toe in.

I remember when I started buying rentals 18 years ago and there was a guy at my work that when we spoke, he said it was one of his ‘dreams’ to invest in real estate (aka: Calling).

I was just starting out at that time when we spoke, but the next time we discussed real estate, it was 2 years later and I had bought close to 25 rentals to that point and I was quitting my job.

He still had none and sat there amazed that I had acquired that many, and he had done nothing (aka: not responded to the call).

The other thing about responding to a Call is the other impacts you will have on others that you may not realize.

I’m no Mother Theresa when it comes to making a difference but looking back, there has been a difference made.

I realized the other day that there are still over 20 people who have worked with us for over 10 years, some close to 16 years now.

One of my assistants put together a map of the properties we’ve purchased/renovated over the years, and to think about that impact as well was very humbling.

*picture attached, but the graphic doesn’t do it justice, because some of these areas on the map have 5-10 clumped in the same area and our construction company has renovated another 500+ homes beyond this.

And doesn’t include close to a hundred properties outside of this area.

So if I hadn’t stepped out in ‘faith’ and started my business when I was dead broke, and using a credit card to get started, this impact would not have been made. ~ trust me, it was a big step for me to take….

So understand, your calling has a bigger impact than you can likely imagine.

We all have callings in our lives.

What is yours?

What is your hang-up?

Why aren’t you responding?

Consider your calling may not be so much about You and what you want.

‘It doesn’t matter what you want Jabroni’…yes, damn right I’m quoting The Rock.

Rather, it is likely WHAT YOU ARE BEING CALLED TO.

And WHO you are being called to serve.

And each day you forgo responding to the call, you’re one day closer to missing out on that opportunity forever.

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