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The choice that hurts the most


The choice that hurts the most


Do you understand the consequences of the weak choices you are making?

Do you not understand what you are capable of inside if you could begin to utilize your strength and stop caring what others think?

Your weakness is costing you dearly my friend. No, actually, *AVOIDING YOUR POWER* is what is costing you.

If you want to experience freedom, power and results, you have to shift your focus away from what others think and what societal norms dictate and seek within to find WHO you are supposed to be and WHAT you are supposed to do.

Stop asking: “What will they think?”

Start asking: “Who am I called to be?”

Stop giving away your Power by making choices and moves from weakness.

You condition what you choose.

Another way to say it: Your choices will condition you.

When you choose weakness over strength, you’ve just conditioned yourself to choose weakness again.

Just like Pavlov’s dogs….

When tough times arise: You’ve now conditioned yourself to take the path of weakness.

Good luck with this strategy when shit really hits the fan and your loved ones need you to step up and be the Man, but you can’t.

And here’s the reality:

If you had stepped into your strength years ago, you would probably have eliminated 99% of the problems that you are dealing with right now anyways.

Understand, it will seem tough in the beginning as you recondition yourself, but it won’t disappoint, you will want more.

Some of you may think you will do something ‘bad’ if you fully step into your power.


The opposite is true.

Bad things happen when you don’t.

Bad things happen when you show up in weakness.

Imagine that.


Addictions do not come because you are giving into weakness.


Addictions are a result of you not stepping into your Power.


Your financial stress and lacking does not come because you are giving into weakness.


Your financial stress and lacking are a result of you not stepping into your Power and production in the marketplace that you are capable of.

How about this:
You stop worrying about what others think and you do you.

Show up in your full strength, power and integrity and nothing else.

There’s a Beast inside of you that is capable of greatness, but he can’t come out if you keep him tied down.

Choose to step into your strength and the world will see who you truly are.

And if they can’t handle it?

Who cares.

You do you (the Powerful you that is) and let them deal with it.

The end.

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