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The game of money has changed and God doesn’t want you to be broke

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The game of money has changed and God doesn’t want you to be broke.
The game of money has changed and God doesn’t want you to be broke.
Stop lying to yourself and saying your ‘blessed’ when you’re in bondage and uneducated
Financial education and self-control/discipline is your path out of your financial mess, not continuing to pursue a higher paying job or promotion just so you can get some more ‘bling’, bigger house, nicer car, etc………or just hoping and praying that your pay day lottery ticket is gonna hit
Making Money/pursuing Financial Education IS Godly
-This increases all areas of your life including your time, giving, health/stress (lack of, or also creating Eustress, the good kind) and ability to help and serve others
Being uneducated financially and broke and in debt is UNGODLY
-This is called enslavement to a job, to your creditors, and others and therefore is DECREASING your production in all areas of your life. Once again, see: time, giving (you’re probably taking much more than you give), health/stress (the bad kind of stuff/results) and ability to help and serve others. This is precisely the path to destruction….
This isn’t judgement, it’s just truth
I was trapped, uneducated and miserable with a job I hated and tons of debt 13+ years ago and I’m very grateful I made choices to change my life for myself and my family so I could have the life I wanted AND help others do the same
I’ve been diving back into how I got started 13 years ago and digging back into #RobertKiyosaki #RichDadPoorDad #CashFlowQuadrant books and getting reignited with how it all started…..tons of gratitude for Kiyosaki’s teachings and countless amount of people that have helped me over the years.
For those of you who are stuck, broke, and sick and tired of being sick and tired, I understand.
And guess what?
There’s probably never been a better time than right now to change your future……


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