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As a real estate investor and entrepreneur, I’m in business to make money.

It’s what I do. And I enjoy it. Always have, always will.

But in addition to being an entrepreneur/investor, I’m a coach.

I coach others with their businesses, real estate investments and sometimes, just life in general.

In a certain sense (and I mean this with respect), my students, are a lot like my kids [let me explain].

You see, I have 5 children, so my wife and I are continually teaching, training, molding, shaping, support and equipping our kids to learn the life skills that we believe in and that we believe will be most beneficial and impactful in their lives.

And when our kids ‘get it’ and finally understand something we’ve been trying to teach them or share with them, it’s very rewarding.

Just like seeing one of your children take their first steps. Or say their first words…you get it.

Well, it’s a very similar dynamic with our coaching students.

greatest-gifts-1You see, my co-trainers and I invest a lot of time in training, supporting, educating, motivating and equipping our students to go out and take action. And most of our students come to us from the ‘infant’ stage of investing or being an entrepreneur, with little or no experience.

And I have to say that one of the greatest gifts that I receive is when my students go out and apply what we’ve taught them, take action and create success. Seeing them succeed is actually much more fun and rewarding for me, than when I’m closing on deals for myself or experiencing some other business success.

Yes, from the picture, you can see that’s a 20K check they’re holding.

greatest-gifts-2This is a husband and wife couple that have been action takers since the day we met them.

That check is from an assignment fee that they received from wholesaling a house.

Guess who bought it?

Me :-)

And in which I will in turn go out and produce an even bigger check than that after we renovate and flip the house.

So to my students and action takers out there, seeing you guys and gals go out and create success, creates some of the greatest joys I experience.

All the best,
Brant Phillips

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