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The Hungry Heart Hears Best

I was told this week by a friend, “dude, you’ve made it”

My response: Nope, I’m just getting started.

Consider that one of the greatest mistakes that we can make is falsely believing that we’ve “made it” in any area of life

You see, when we choose to believe this thought, guess what happens next?

…We get lazy…
…We get soft…
…We get complacent…
…We will begin to lose the Edge that got us there in the first place

Like I said, this Mindset will effect every area of life:

  • Spirituality
  • Relationships
  • Fitness
  • And certainly Business

Thinking we’ve ‘made it’ is ultimately the path to failure and destruction.

So I choose to adopt the mindset that I will never ‘make it’ simply because I’m committed to a lifelong pursuit to improve, level up, increase and expand upon what I’ve done before. In other words, I STAY HUNGRY.

I stay Hungry to continually

….to continually deepen my relationship with God

….to continually improve my marriage and relationships with my children

….to continually look for ways to feel better and perform better physically

….to continually increase my wealth and businesses

This game of life is not a Sprint.

It is a lifelong Marathon and a commitment to constantly seek MAKING IT but to also continually DO THE WORK even when we reach new levels.

My sons last football game of the season was last week and on the ride home I said, “well, your first season of tackle football is over, what are your thoughts about it?”. He said, “I don’t want to think like that, so I’m going to start training this week to get ready for next season so I feel like the new season is just starting”

ME <—- Proud Dad :-)

I heard Mark Cuban say that everyday, no matter how successful you become, “Work like there is someone working 24 hours a day to take it away from you.”

I like that thought.

So if you’re not feeling hungry in an area of your life, consider that is a dangerous place to be and consider creating some new goals and challenges to get you off the sidelines and get back to getting your Grind On….

…Stay Hungry my friends…


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