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The Power of Perception

You may not understand the Power you possess with the perception you place on the events that happen in your life, but you should.

Because the choices you make through the lens of your perception will determine your life experiences, over and over again.

You see, your perception is your Story.

This is the sequence:

There is ‘something’ that occurs (stimulus)

And as soon as that event happens, your Story (aka: Decision) that you tell yourself will be made.

From that story, will come your Response, aka Actions OR Inactions.

And those Responses will either serve you, or they will not.

From that Story, you will either choose to learn/grow/fight OR be defeated/hurt/victimized, etc.

Your Perception will direct you to either create, stagnate or destroy.

When you understand there is no good or bad in the events that happen to us, there is simply the label that we attach to the situation and the story we create around it.

Every circumstance provides an opportunity to learn and grow.

And conversely, every circumstance provides an opportunity to not learn nor grow.

And that story or ‘label’ that we apply to the event will determine our attitudes and our actions from that point on.

Yes, misfortune and mistakes can be an opportunity to learn and grow or they can be a source of pain and frustration that stews inside of you for days, weeks or perhaps longer.

When life gives you lemons…

You’re likely heard of Viktor Frankl,

If not, here’s a quick bio:

Viktor Frankl, an Austrian born Jewish psychiatrist born in the early 1900’s.

He was extremely educated and accomplished.

Freud even published some of his work that centered around the theory that the primary motivation we as individuals have is a search for meaning in life.

However in 1942 Frankl and his family were sent to a Concentration Camp in which his father passed away, he was then separated from his family, his mother was later exterminated; his wife also died later in the camp.

Frankl witnessed and endured some of the most inhumane circumstances and atrocities that human beings have ever had to endure.

Yet, he turned this horrible situation as an opportunity to learn, grow and help others.

He used the time to understand the deeper meaning of life.

What he discovered was this:

The inmates who had ‘meaning’ (a Why or bigger reason to live than the obstacles they faced) in their lives were much more likely to survive.

During this time he also kept his mind active and worked on the idea for a later study and book that he later published called, Man’s Search for Meaning.

Yes, this is an extreme example but it shows wonderfully the power our perception has in our lives

So when you’re going through ‘stuff’ in life or business, dont forget about the power of your perception.

I understand, you probably didn’t want ‘it’ to happen, but ‘it’ did.

And in this situation comes the gift of the power you possess to Choose.

And in that choice, your future path and results await you.

Choose wisely.

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