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The problem is you you don’t think there’s a problem [Live]

We went to a Family Counseling session today

This was the start of a monthly session with the kids and Tara and I also started going again monthly as well

Not because things are bad, but because things are good

But not great

When asked by the therapist what was the goal/outcome, I admit, it was a good feeling saying that everything’s pretty ‘good’, but we want it to be better

He also asked the kids to score us as a family (keep reading for our report card)

No, it’s not all sunshine and roses in the Phillips family

We’ve had our trials

Still do

Definitely went through some really rough stuff last year

And because things are ‘good’ is one of the reasons we’re going through a season of counseling

Just to talk

Find problems or uncover some things we may not have surfaced otherwise

Yes, to maintain Good, but also to push for Great

What in your life is ‘good’ that you know could be better if you applied some focus?

How about some things that could eventually turn ‘bad’ if you don’t start some maintenance now?

I’ve seen many Businesses, Marriages, Health you name it, just ‘stuff’ that was in a good place for people, and could have even turned into some greatness, but they didn’t Maintenance what they had….and they definitely didn’t position themselves for the opportunity for Great

Like my businesses, I have clear outcomes and goals

They aren’t always easy to achieve, and I fall short of the mark alot

But I keep pushing, maintenancing, and striving to get there

Similarly, with my family, we know what we want with our family

And while we know there is no such thing as a perfect family, we’re striving for great

And we work to put ourselves in position to have as many ‘perfect moments’ together as we can

No, it isn’t always easy, but Tara and I are continuing to build the Family that dreamed about and we’ll continue to tweak and maintenance this family of ours until the day we die

Btw, we got B’s & 1 C from the kids in the ‘report cards’ for us as a family

Not bad with 3 teens scoring…I would say that’s pretty good, but we’ll keep pushing for Great anyways

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