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[Aka: Your Unhealthy Relationship with Real Estate]

It started as a crush.

A twinkle in your eye.

At first, it was pure innocence through and through.

You saw a way to make money doing something you were ‘passionate’ about.

To provide a better life for your family.

And before you knew it…

You were obsessed…

Morning, day and night.

It engulfed your thoughts.




~~Endless thoughts…

All good things.

Except when they cease to be good and turn to something else.

Some of you have allowed yourselves to create an Unhealthy relationship with Real Estate / Business.

I’m not judging.

But I know it.

Because I was IT.

I was obsessed.


For long periods of my life.

And I was unaware of the silent damage that it caused in the backgrounds of my life when I gave MONEY PURSUITS the center stage for so much of my time.

I caused hurt to the people I loved most.

Looking back, I would have done things differently.

No, not just differently, BETTER.

And fortunately, I was able to rectify much of the damage that I caused…

But you can never regain lost time.

You can only learn from it + grow from the lessons.

There are many aspects to Love.

One of which is Boundaries.

One of the ways we love is by establishing proper boundaries.

My encouragement is for you to continue to ‘love’ Real Estate / Business and keep going after your financial dreams.

Yes, Make that Money.

But set some boundaries.

Don’t devalue what’s most valuable.

Don’t Overvalue something more than it’s worth.

There will always be deals.

You only have 1 family, 1 body, 1 soul.


Don’t sacrifice your Family.

Don’t sacrifice your Faith.

Don’t sacrifice your Fitness.

Be sure that you are making investments and deposits into the other, truly more important areas of life.

I know, you will likely put in way more hours building your business than just about anything else.

And that’s ok… IF…

IF you play the game the right way.

But you have to nurture and make QUALITY investments into those other areas of life.

Or you’ll end up regretful and damaged inside.

And you’ll damage others inside as well.

Some of you reading this, you’re already doing this and you know it.

And don’t think they don’t feel it, just because they don’t say anything.

They see your true love.

So don’t be that dude.

Don’t be the 1-dimensional douche that only obsesses about making money.

Don’t destroy the other areas of your life from an unhealthy relationship with real estate.

It’s not worth it my friend.

You can gain all the wealth in the world, but it matters not when the other areas of your life are empty or crashing down…

Value what’s most valuable.

And here’s the thing.

When you begin to invest time into the other areas of life.

Yes, there’s a way to make just as much $$$, and even more by living with this balance.

So pivot.

No, you don’t have to pivot away from making money.

But pivot some time back to those other Core areas of life.

Pivot away from your real estate Affair and build a business that serves YOU and YOUR FAMILY in a sustainable way.

And a way that will truly lead to a Legacy.

It takes some restructuring, and some different types of investments to be made.

But it’s totally worth it.

If you need some guidance, let me know.

There is a way to ‘Have it All’, and I’m here to guide the way…

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