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I like Snooze alarms

I set my alarm about 30 minutes before I need to get up because I’m a snooze button guy when it comes to waking up in the morning.

I also use the snooze button in my email (a lot).

This can be a very useful tool.

I can snooze certain emails until the appropriate time, and then I create the time and space to focus on that item so that it can be accomplished.

But there are certain mornings and certain emails that cannot be snoozed.

What about the most important snooze button of all?

The Heart Alarm 🖤

Some of you have something in your life where the alarm is going off…but you’re hitting the snooze.

There is SOMETHING inside you that is screaming at you to focus on and take action, BUT…..

You hit the Snooze Button

~~> aka: Sedation Button

So…you kick the can down the road….

…Stick your head in the sand…

…pop another top…

…or simply ignore what is screaming at you to get your attention ⚠️⚠️⚠️

~Marriage steering towards divorce

~Disconnected from your Kids

~Health issues

~Credit cards and bad debt mountain

Could be anything

You know what it is…

But instead of awakening, you sedate….drinking, porn, food, tv, whatever your crutch is, you lean on it and look away from the mess you know you need to fix

You stay in your slumber, when God is calling you to Awaken.

I understand.

This was Me and IS Me today.

I’ve gone through some terrible heartache in my life and rather than waking up and stepping up to be the Man that I NEEDED to be WHEN I needed to be, I hit the snooze alarm, over and over again.

And a few things I snoozed on, damn near destroyed my life.

But I woke up.

And there are still things in my life that I have still not woken up to in levels of my faith, my business, relationships and health that I need to increase my production at, so I must once again, Wake Up to begin to access these higher levels.

You see, whether you’re reading this in a place of PAIN or from a place of COMFORT, either way, there is a greater possibility that exists for you.

But in order to be the Man you truly want to be, the first/next step is simply to Awake.

To AWAKEN is to become self-aware and allow your mind to begin to explore the possibility that your Life/Business/Health/Relationships could be drastically different and better than they currently are.

But my friend, you cannot change your life and begin to eradicate the poverty (physically, spiritually or financially) that you are experiencing IF YOU WON’T WAKE UP!

Wake Up my Friend.

Stop hitting the snooze button on the alarms that are sounding in your life.

AWAKEN to the truth that things must change.

Begin to ACTIVATE your mind to new considerations of how things could be IF the proper changes and actions are initiated.

Learn to APPLY these thoughts and considerations to produce Results.

And once you begin to learn how to begin to move in the right direction and create those results, turn things up and ACCELERATE those results more frequently and more profoundly.

This my friends, is how you can begin to ASCEND to become the Man that the alarms are sounding in your heart for you to be.

So that is all from me, now it is time for you to Wake Up.

The snooze alarm is going off.

The choice is now yours.

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