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The Strength in being STILL

As I sat down to write this morning, as I often do, I will sit, close my eyes and wait to see what comes to my mind and heart.

I had thoughts of writing about fights I’ve been in (personal & business).

I thought about sharing some thoughts about chasing down your Calling inside, despite what others (haters) say.

But as I sat here, the thing that was coming to me was: Be still.

So here we are.

There is a season for everything.

As an entrepreneur, husband and father of 5, there are not many extended opportunities for me to be ‘still’.

Yet I know, that is just a story I tell myself.

Each and every day, there is an opportunity to be still.

To be still in moments.

To be still with decisions.

To be intentional, at being Still.

Just be still.





There is a power and peace that can come from being still.

And one of the most empowering (and difficult) times to be still is sometimes when you feel something needs to be done.

You feel ‘pressed’ to take action.

I get it, us entrepreneurs are wired this way.


As I look back at some of the poor decisions I’ve made in the past, they likely could have been prevented by using a little stillness and patience.

Like Axl Rose from Guns and Roses, said, ‘All we need is just a little patience’

And sometimes, all we need is just a little Stillness.

I’ve made some terrible decisions with Partnerships.

I’ve made some painful decisions with Deals I’ve done.

Some of these decisions literally took up ‘space’ in my life for years.

Things could have been much different if I had instead just taken a moment to step back, create some space and practiced the art of being still.

And asked some sitting still kind of questions.

What do I want from this situation?

What do I hear?

Who am I called to be?

How should I respond to this situation?

What’s the best way to respond here?

It’s not always easy.

I’m a fighting man and have prided myself for years on my ability to outwork and out hustle everyone else.

Yet, looking back, I see the err in some of my ways.

And, yes I’m still a hustler.

I’m still a grinder.

And I’m a fighter.

And I will continue to be these things.

But with God back at the center back of my life, I’m learning to listen better.

And what I’m learning, is to more often, just be still.

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