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The things which Hurt, can instruct (IF)

Benjamin Franklin wrote, “The things which hurt, instructs”

And I agree. Mostly…

But Benjamin Franklin didn’t live in today’s world.

If he were here today, he’d probably tweak that quote to say,

“The things which hurt CAN instruct, unless you remain a little Bitch and do nothing”

Yes, PAIN is our greatest teacher, but it still needs a receptive student.

Pain loses its power to instruct when the pupil is unable to perceive the real problem.

And what’s occurring today as the result of decades of a societal sedation of Man, has been a resulting lowering of the bar of societal and personal norms.

And the things that hurt have no power if you don’t perceive the Problem it is creating.

There is a society-wide ‘learned helplessness’ that people have.

And they don’t want to fight a battle they *perceive* they can’t win.

They accept things today as being ‘ok’ that decades ago would have been an utter disgrace.

And for many/most, just enduring the basics of ‘life’ is kicking their ass, so they’ve given up.

They are not open to heed the instruction, even though they are living in a pool of pain.

Men have sedated so much that even though they know the pain is there, or they know it’s coming to rear its ugly head soon, they turn down the volume to a level 1, EVEN THOUGH they know inside, someday, it’s going to coming roaring back at a Level 10 and wreck their lives.

Still, they do nothing, or do very little.

They remain overweight and out of shape even though they know that heartache or stroke is waiting around the bend.

They remain in a broken and dead marriage and do nothing to repair it even though they’ve seen the destruction a divorce or broken marriage has on a couple mentally/financially/spiritually and the negative impact that it has on their children and their very own soul.

They remain detached/lost spiritually and utterly broken inside despite knowing that God is calling out for them.

And most, remain in a job or business, barely able to scrape by and do so KNOWING they will not be able to ‘afford to retire’ and their finances are an utter mess.

Yet they continue to experience these things that hurt them without allowing them to instruct them to change.


It’s easier to Sedate, than to Retaliate.

It’s easier to let your inner Bitch take control rather than do Battle.

It’s easier to live for today than build for tomorrow.

They sacrifice the long-term for the short-term.

They choose the easy path despite knowing that it is a path that will lead to an incredibly severe and difficult pain some day.

They’ve lowered the volume to a level 1.

They’ve been sedated to the point that their perception is more altered than an instagram photo filter that can make a buffalo look like Beyonce.

They’ve lost their ears to hear and their eyes to hear.

They’re asleep…lost…broken…and many, alone.

So even though they’re living in the very things that hurt them, they cannot receive the instruction.

Unless or until, THEY WAKE UP.

For some of you, it’s time to wake the f*ck up.

It’s time to begin to receive your instruction.

Learn the lessons.

Apply them.

And begin to change your life.

You don’t have to live like the sloppy sad excuse of a Man that you are.

It’s ok that you’ve been broken.

We all have been at some point.

But it’s not ok to remain in that broken state.

You have a painful reckoning to deal with someday UNLESS you willingly choose to step into the arena now and begin to fight the battles you need to fight.

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